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Surrogate mother compensation

Surrogate mother compensation

Surrogate motherhood compensation is the major issue that revolves around surrogacy. Is there any compensation for surrogacy? How much expenses are to be borne by the intending couple? What is the fee charged by a surrogate mother? It is difficult to answer such questions as different regions have different rates. Whether it is a traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy or egg donors, the hottest topic is the compensation amount that needs to be paid. There are many who do not want to become surrogate moms or intending couples, but have the general curiosity to learn about the compensation amount. Do not commit the mistake of equating the fee charged by a surrogate mom to her salary as she is not an employee. Women are there who just love to carry babies for other couples simply to spread happiness and smiles in the lives of the depressed couples.

Methods of compensating

You already know that each surrogacy is different from another and so each mom receives a different compensation. Fees vary from one journey of surrogacy to another. Different intending couples view the compensation for surrogacy differently. If the surrogacy expenses seem overwhelming, there are low cost surrogacy options as well. On an average, a surrogate mom can receive anything like $40,000 to $60,000 as compensation. A lot depends on the total surrogacy expenses and the kind of journey that had to be undergone. If there are complicacies in the journey, a mom has to incur more expenses and thus the charge will be more. When one becomes a surrogate mom, she is eligible for lost wages, maternity clothing, medical co-pays, medications, foods and travel expenses. You also need to pay the expenses relating to legal representation.

The basic structure of surrogacy compensation

There are various divisions in surrogacy compensation. The first division is the base compensation which is the bulk amount. A surrogate mom can get $40,000 as compensation and each month she gets the 10% of it, which comes around to $4,000. Secondly, experienced surrogate charges have to be paid. For the additional pregnancy, the mother gets around $5000-$6000, depending on the surrogate arrangement. Then, there is the multiple birth compensation where the mom gets around $4000-$6000 which is equally divided in 5-6 monthly payments. Apart from these, compensation amounts are paid for bed rest and for embryo transfer, maternity clothing and allowance, monthly allowances upon the matching, disability and life insurance, travel expenses. Partner’s lost wages are also included at times.

Important facts about surrogate mother compensation

•    Surrogate mother compensation is much distinct from other expenses relating to surrogacy.

•    There is compensation for the commitment, time and energy one devotes for surrogacy journey

•    It includes reimbursements for those expenses relating to surrogacy that needs to be met.

•    Most of the times, surrogates are given the freedom to choose their own compensation or fees

The compensation amount is collected much before by the surrogacy agency from the intending couple. So, the funds will be available to the mother so that there is no difficulty in meeting the expenses.

Surrogate mother agency

Surrogate mother agency

The number of surrogate mother agency is increasing for a single reason, that is, children. Raising a child is the cherished dream of most couples who wish to become mom and dad. The journey of motherhood and parenthood is interesting and changes the life of both mother and father or anyone around them. But, unfortunately, not all couples are capable of giving birth to babies and thus they look forward to surrogacy. Surrogacy is the only potential way of having biological kids in the event of infertility. In the USA, there has been a rise in the number of couples utilizing surrogacy to bring forth children. A surrogate mom is the only helping hand for the couple which has lost all hopes of conception. In the US, surrogacy is very much legal and thus many individuals have raised delighted households. Whether you want to be a surrogate mom or wish for a child through surrogacy, you need to find a suitable agency. There are some important facts you need to know about the surrogate agency and surrogacy.

Surrogate agencies run surrogate programs legally in the USA

You may become a gestational surrogate mom through an agency in the USA legally. It is common in the USA to help the couples who lost all hope of conception. Females are indeed choosing this lucrative career of surrogacy to help others. It definitely feels great that one can help others and give a wonderful gift of the lifetime. Gifting a baby is simply splendid.

It is great to work along with surrogate agencies

Being a surrogate mom is a complicated journey of motherhood. The experience of the mom can be good and it may be bad also. A lot depends on the intending couple who have to make all payments in a timely manner. Most of the times, the working relation between the surrogate mom and the couple ends well. To be on the safe side, you must always try and choose a reliable agency to find a surrogate mother or a matching couple. There are many surrogate agencies that have years of experience in surrogacy. They make sure that the mom is compensated for all her effort, time, devotion and energy. Both parties will be satisfied if they work along with an agency.

Surrogate agency acts as a partner for the intending couple and the mom

It is great to learn that a surrogate agency acts as a real partner for the mom and the couple. If there is any dispute emerging at the later stage, the agency takes the responsibility of handling all. The agency makes sure that there is a smooth interaction between the parties involved. So, at the end, both the surrogate mom and the couple have a pleasant experience. Before the mom starts her journey of surrogacy, the agency makes her understand that the baby she will carry belongs to the intended parents. Then, the surrogate agency also helps the mom when there is the occurrence of multiple births.

After the baby is born, the agency ensures that the mother and the couple share a smooth relationship. It makes sure that both the parties get what they actually want.

Surrogacy and its costs in USA

Surrogacy and its costs in USA

For those couples who are struggling to have a child or those women who are unable to carry a baby, surrogacy is the great option to have a family. But, prior to starting a surrogacy journey, it is crucial to learn the basics about the process. One needs to know the various kinds of arrangements relating to surrogacy, the processes involved and the legal consequences. To make sure that your journey is as smooth as possible, you need to have a good understanding of how to safeguard your rights, the cost involved in the entire journey of surrogacy and also the significance of having the support and guidance required in the process. Since each surrogacy journey or type is different, there is no fixed cost of undergoing such motherhood. It is not possible to give the exact dollar amount needed to become a surrogate mother. If there are complications in the process, the costs will be higher.

Why is surrogacy expensive?

A successful journey of surrogacy needs a professional team of doctors, trained professionals and staffs. All the professionals concerning surrogacy are needed to ensure the parents that surrogacy will be positive and successful. An agency should have some program in place to address the risk management in various aspects of the process. Surrogate professionals must always be there to understand, evaluate and respond to the risks put up with the process. There is a need for a medical team, psychological support team, medical and legal team, administrative and insurance team, management team to handle the processes. Thus, the cost of surrogacy is pretty high.

The average cost of surrogacy in the USA

While it is impossible to give the exact figure of the surrogacy cost, we can say that on an average it might cost $25000. There are others who can charge lesser than this, but women who are extremely qualified in surrogacy, they can charge even more. But, such women give the assurance of successful surrogacy. You need to know here that the standard fee of surrogacy does not include the cost of vitamin supplements, food and medical fee.

When can the cost of surrogacy increase?

If the surrogate mother finds that there is more than one baby in the womb through ultra sound, the cost will rise. If there is more than one baby, an additional cost of $5000 has to be borne. However, the ultra scans are performed only after the period of 12 weeks. An additional fee again needs to be paid to the lawyer as both the mother and the intended parties need to sign a fresh contract. A psychological evaluation needs to be performed and the cost may be $5000.

The maximum cost of surrogacy

In case any complicacy arises and there is the need for sperm, donor’s egg and embryo, additional cost needs to be borne. If the one handling surrogacy is too experienced, the cost might come around to $110000 even.

So, we can say that a lot many factors determine the cost of surrogacy. If your journey is smooth, devoid of any complicacy, you will have to pay less. In case, multiple fetuses need to be removed, you have to bear additional charges.

Risks involved in the process of surrogacy

Risks involved in the process of surrogacy

Surrogacy is very complex and an intricate maze of practical, legal and ethical decisions. Surrogacy is such a journey where one needs to do careful planning and pay attention to the slightest of details before opting to create a family. When compared to the traditional family planning, surrogacy involves taking extra steps to protect everyone involved in the process. Each and every person who is involved in it has some important role to play. Only when everyone performs the role perfectly, there is chance of successful delivery. There can be a bad surrogacy journey as well. Before you become a surrogate mother, check out the risks involved in surrogacy.

The problem of unpaid medical bills

This is the common reason behind a bad surrogacy journey. Most of the times, the intended parents do not pay the medical bills. A surrogate mom incurs medical bills to look after herself and the infant. It is very unfortunate to learn that medical bills go unpaid as the bills are under the name of surrogate mom. The hospital might drag her to the court for the non-payment of the bills. This may ruin the financial future of the mother.

Reasons why the bills go unpaid

•    At times the intended parents just run away and there is no way to trace them out

•    At times, the relationship between the surrogate mother and the intended parents get worse and the couple refuses to maintain any contact with the surrogate mom.

•    Intended parents can be just frauds or jerks

•    It may happen that the surrogate mom fails to submit the medical bills on time to the intended parents. Thus, the couple starts feeling that it is the mom who is liable to pay the bills.

Medical conditions

An unexpected medical condition may suddenly arise during pregnancy. This may lead to a major problem in surrogacy motherhood. Apart from this, a surrogate mom can become pregnant with multiple infants. So, she may be needed to take a complete bedrest. Thus, this leads to financial burden both on the surrogate mom and the intending parents. There can be a lot of stress to harm the baby. Babies can have lower weight or may be born prematurely.

Changing feelings

There can be hormonal imbalance due to bad surrogacy journey. The feelings of intending parents and the surrogate mom can change anytime. It can happen that the mom refuses to hand over the child or the parents refuses to take the custody over the child. Disagreements may move out of control, requiring the intervention of a mediator. So, surrogacy may turn sour at the end of the journey.


In the surrogacy community, frauds take place rampantly. The agency may be fraud, the intended parents may be fraud and even the mom can be. At times, surrogate moms state the fact that they are experienced in delivering but they are actually not. The agency can also cheat the intended parents just to receive bulk payment.

It is important for both the surrogate mom and the intended parents to stay careful. Both parties must carry out extensive background search on each other. It is good to choose a reliable lawyer to make the journey a smooth one.

Revolutionary artificial wombs created by scientists

Revolutionary artificial wombs created by scientists

Usually the gender either male or female comprises the unique characteristics. One of the characteristics of female includes the responsibility of giving the birth to the offspring. The artificial wombs are invented for the children those who are born earlier than 24 weeks and they can survive outside of the mother’s womb for 4 weeks. The researchers and the scientists had faced various challenges for developing the new technology that had allowed for the viability of the earlier births related to chronic conditions. The babies born as extreme premature should need the support of the artificial wombs. Even premature animals are present. Scientists create the artificial wombs for the premature babies. The artificial wombs consist of the synthetic amniotic fluid in a plastic bag. The machine that is placed outside the bag connected to the umbilical cord assists by providing the function of a placenta and supports for the supply of nutrition and oxygen to the blood and removal of the carbon dioxide.

Artificial Wombs

The researchers and scientists did not have the rights to test the device with the humans. The innovations are added that BioBag, a sterile and single-use bag that is used to circulate the substitute for amniotic fluid. This fluid is used in the bag in order to maintain the sterile conditions and the actual environment where the fetus is exposed. For the experimentation, the lambs are placed for around 15 to 17 weeks and the bags are connected to the oxygenators. The lambs are growing inside the bag and exhibit the healthy development inside the wombs. There are no issues with the abnormalities in the brains and lungs of the lambs. The device comprises of plastic bag filled with the synthetic amniotic fluid that support the normal development, recreation of every function that the mother does for development and maturation. The risk of deaths and disabilities can be controlled by maintaining the growth of the fetus in the bag when there is prematuration. Normal pregnancy required 40 weeks for development while the human device are designed for the premature child who born 23 to 24 weeks into pregnancy. According to the researchers, the premature child will be given birth earlier than 26 weeks. The artificial wombs support development of fetus in the outside environment. The BioBag designing included closely packed system, single time use, and minimized amniotic fluid volume that are more customizable with change in size and shape.

Artificial wombs for women

The artificial wombs are used to help women who are going for the career. Career oriented women can use these artificial wombs for developing their children. Female have the unique characteristic of bearing a child. The difference between the male and female can be removed by use of the artificial wombs. The artificial wombs will provide the right to the women for either bearing a child or not depending on the health condition of the women, and all other associated factors for bearing a child. The innovations of the artificial wombs added the options for women in bearing a child.

Problems that must be considered by a surrogate mother

Problems that must be considered by a surrogate mother

Are you willing to become a surrogate mother? When you first plan to become a surrogate mom to help others, the reasons are honorable and noble. You just want a couple to enjoy parenthood and be charitable. But, there are lots of problems involved in it. Some of the couples will not understand the reasons why you enter surrogacy, but they will criticize you and judge you for doing so. Apart from this, during pregnancy, you have to face medical risks, financial and health risks. If you are employed, then you are risking your own job to help others. So, read the section to discover more.

What can be the medical risks you have to face?

Firstly, the agency you choose will match the ovulation cycle of the intended mother with your ovulation cycle. When they do this, you will be asked to take contraceptive pills and the steroid like Luprin. But, prior to matching the ovulation cycle, you need to undergo a series of blood tests and health checkups to ensure that your body is fit for surrogacy. The process of ensuring that the cycle of intended mother is totally in synchronization with the surrogate mom is very lengthy and taxing as well. But, an agency is bound to do so since it can happen that the mother is ovulating, but the one who is chosen for surrogacy is not ready to receive the eggs. This is a very crucial part of the entire process.

The actual insemination has to be dealt with

The one who is a surrogate mom needs to undergo the insemination process. This process is pretty much difficult and painful. There may be side effects of medicines and sleep disturbance or depression in the process of insemination. You might feel guilty at some point of time and it may even get difficult to separate from the fetus. But, to overcome these problems, you must always start your surrogacy journey with the help of a reputed agency which has the set of counselors and support group to offer the necessary counseling.

Legal issues to be faced

Besides the health issues, you may have to bear the legal consequences as well. There are laws to protect the privacy of the surrogate mother. The laws relating to surrogacy keeps on changing and thus you need to stay up-to-date with it. Normally, a surrogate mom is responsible for her insurance and health expenses. So, it is mandatory to secure yourself financially before becoming a substitute mother. Most of the women do full time jobs and thus they are financially stable before starting the motherhood journey. You need to have enough money to support yourself when you are pregnant.

Discuss it out with your spouse

Before you enter surrogacy, it is good to talk to your spouse. Your spouse must also consent to your decision of becoming surrogate mom. If there is no support from the family and spouse, there is again a problem.

Delivering baby for some other couple is a serious matter. You have to be very careful before taking any decision. But, if you give a splendid gift to the couple, the rewards will be fulfilling.

Is it good to be a surrogate mother?

Is it good to be a surrogate mother?

Looking to serve as a gestational mother for some other couple? The decision is life-altering when you plan to become a surrogate mother. But, still the decision is not that right for everyone who wishes to become one. The requirements and responsibilities of being a substitute mom are huge. But, even considering the idea of conceiving for another couple, shows that you are kind, compassionate and generous. You care about the dilemma that other family faces due to the infertility issue of the couple. But, it is more important to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for a surrogate mom. If you wish to know whether you are fit for the journey of surrogacy, you can read the section.

The general health condition

When you try and investigate whether you are a suitable candidate for surrogacy, consider your physical health. It must be in its best state. There must be an absence of the medical condition which is life-threatening. You must not be addicted to smoking or any other illegal substance. Watch your weight for you cannot be obese. Obesity can harm your health and the health of the baby. Some of the risks of obesity include high blood pressure and diabetes. If the blood pressure is too high, it can lead to seizures during pregnancy. If your BMI is under 34 then you are suitable.

Watch your financial condition

During pregnancy, you cannot be stressed out due to any reason. If your financial condition is not good, you will feel stressed, which is not good. Your physical and emotional state is the key to delivering a healthy baby and thus the financial condition must be stable.

The type of help or support you have

Without help and support you cannot think of surrogacy. You need practical day-to-day support and quality assistance. An ideal candidate is the one who has support from friends and family. Then, as a surrogate, you must have some reliable means of transportation. You need to travel frequently for meetings, screenings, tests and checkups.

Are you willing to disclose your personal history?

When you enter surrogacy, you need to be transparent about your medical history, lifestyle and other details. You need to disclose any past history of intaking illegal substances. If you are comfortable doing such things, then surrogacy is good for you. When you fill an application form, you need to talk about the marriage history, miscarriages, abortions and pregnancies. Your mental illness, depression and psychological condition will also be taken into account. This is all done to assure a healthy outcome from surrogacy.

Other requirements to be fulfilled

Apart from the broader ones, you must fulfill other criteria as well. It is good to be a surrogate mother if your age is between 21-45 years. You should at least have one child of yours.

If you are still determined to enter surrogacy, you may get in touch with a pregnancy specialist to learn whether you are a suitable candidate or not. It is good to be surrogate as the rewards are fulfilling. By delivering a baby for some other couple, you can give a lifetime gift to the couple.

How will you get the best surrogacy clinic?

How will you get the best surrogacy clinic?

Surrogacy is a beautiful gift and a wonderful life transformational experience. Women who wish to become surrogate mothers, they are usually compassionate looking to help the couple faced with infertility issue. Surrogacy is the kind of bond that tends to intertwine the life of the mother and the couple. It is an extremely noble cause. A surrogate mother can approach the surrogacy clinic. The agency finds the matching couple in need of a child. Before signing any agreement with the agency, make sure you thoroughly check out the background of the agency.

Key factors to consider when choosing an agency

Becoming a surrogate implies having some flexibility in the schedule for medical tests, doctor’s appointments and medical screening. You should consider the following important factors:

•    The surrogate agency you choose must not run a home-based business. It must have its brick-of-a-mortar existence. Indeed, the agency should have official headquarters.

•    When approaching an agency, do check out the life insurance options, monthly payments, the compensation and the options for direct deposit

•    Travel related expenses are paid by the agency itself and not by the mother.

•    Your preferred agency should be necessarily affiliated with the best legal experts and fertility specialists.

Choose an agency which has surrogates actually working for it. Former surrogates may offer you a great peace of mind all throughout the journey of pregnancy.

A thorough online research

With the help of the internet, you can find almost anything you want. Look online to locate the nearest surrogacy clinic offering services at cost effective rates.

Consider the features of a surrogacy agency

A good surrogacy clinic will offer you top quality treatment facility, proper hygiene and staff facilities. The clinic should offer you the standard storage facilities when it comes to the freezing of embryo or eggs. There must be qualified technicians and highly capable, reliable doctors present round the clock. It also must have a tie up with some outside laboratory.

Get recommendations

If you are serious about surrogacy, do take recommendations from friends and family and learn the names of the best clinics.

Efficient set of staffs

The clinic you choose for surrogacy must have the best set of staffs, obstetricians and gynecologists. The Reproduction surgeon must be available all 24 hours to rectify the complicacies relating to uterine abnormality, obstruction in the Fallopian tube or any reproductive organ abnormality.

An Endocrinologist is important

The role of an endocrinologist cannot be ignored when it comes to surrogacy. He monitors the level of hormones, especially during the ovarian stimulation phase. To counter the problems relating to immunology, an immunologist is also needed.

Additional services to be provided

You must be very choosy about your selection of surrogacy clinic. Apart from others, a clinic should also provide the services of the geneticist to access the congenital abnormality the unborn may be facing.

A surrogate mother must always have access to a psychologist to provide those counseling sessions. Look online for the surrogacy clinics and prepare a list of top 10 clinics. You can personally interview the staffs by giving a call. It will be good to pay personal visits to the clinics.

How to find surrogate mothers?

How to find surrogate mothers?

For millions of individuals, becoming a parent and raising a family is the prime goal. This aim is cherished despite biological limitations where the couples fail to conceive due to no fault of theirs. The situation may be devastating for many and thus they look for a surrogate mother. Surrogacy is the only way to have biological children in a natural manner when the couple cannot conceive. Those who are unable to conceive due to infertility issue or any other reason can approach a surrogate mom. Indeed, adoption and surrogacy are the effective tools to have children or raise children. Surrogacy is the technique of In Vitro Fertilization where the embryo is fertilized outside the body and finally implanted into the uterus of the surrogate mom. You need to be choosy about selecting a surrogate mom. This is indeed the most complicated step for the intended couple.

Choose the best among thousands of surrogate moms

The number of potential candidates for surrogacy is on the rise. You will get the names of thousands of surrogate moms when you check online, but it is important to choose the best one. You may approach an agency to find a suitable surrogate mom. Any of the serious surrogate moms will understand that it is a great responsibility to carry the baby for some other couple. They need to have behavior which is suitable when it comes to delivering a healthy baby. The mom must be transparent and should understand the importance of transparency in the selection and introduction process. It is good to choose a mother who has delivered a healthy baby in the past.

Ask your friends and relatives for recommendations

You may even ask a friend or relative to act as a surrogate mom. This will help you avoid several complications in the later stage. But, it may be tough to find so loving relative who is ready to help you. If this is not possible, you may at least ask your friends and relatives to suggest you a surrogate mom.

Visit a reliable IVF clinic

To find a surrogate mom, you may visit the IVF clinic. They have the surrogacy programs and the agency can look into the database of surrogate moms to suggest you the best name. The agency will have the names of surrogate moms who have undergone medical tests. The medical care administrators who note down the names and the contact information of the surrogate moms can also help you a lot. Before you choose anyone, it is important to learn about the compensation.

Carry an independent search for surrogate moms

You may also look up independently for the surrogate mom online. Look at the placement ads and classifieds. Such ads mostly have the names of women who are in their best physical and mental state. Choose a clinic which is trustworthy.

Get in touch with private agents

You may contact the private agent to help you search a surrogate mom for a commission.

By following the above tips, you can arrive at the best surrogate mother. In case, you have no relative to help you out, choose an agency which can offer you a complete professional support.

How to find the Professional surrogate mother?

How to find the Professional surrogate mother?

Surrogacy is the best reproductive option for the couples who fail to conceive due to infertility. If you wish to become the parents of your own biological children but are unable to conceive, hire a professional surrogate mother. Also known as substitute mother, she is the one who carries a baby for someone else. You may find such a mother through referrals, via the agencies and surrogate clinics and by getting in touch with reliable attorneys. It is important to find someone who is healthy both physically and mentally.

The various options in surrogacy

You may be an anxious couple willing to have a child, but are unable to have it. There can be various reasons hindering your ability to conceive a child. They include physical incapability, abnormality, problems in the reproductive organ, infertility or you may be same sex couple. But, surrogacy can fulfill your dream of having your own biological children. There are mainly four types of surrogacy. They are Traditional Surrogacy, Gestational Surrogacy, Altruistic Surrogacy and Commercial Surrogacy. No matter what option you are considering, you need to find a person willing to carry your baby.

Tips to finding a professional surrogate mother

•    Educate yourself by getting in touch with a professional person having knowledge in surrogacy. Having a child through surrogacy is a life transformational event. Get in touch with a professional agency to find a prospective substitute mother.

•    It is important to check out the background of the mother. There must not be any criminal background of the mother. It is not wise to choose a person with criminal background and trust your baby. Collect as much information about the mother as possible.

•    Choose the mother who is stable mentally. She must be psychologically stable and must have support from friends and family. Personally interview the person after checking out reputable sources for the questions relating to psychology.

•    It is always good to choose a candidate who agrees to gestational surrogacy. As she is not donating her own egg, she will not have problem in parting with the child.

•    The prospective surrogate mother needs to be financially sound. If she has money, she will be motivated all the while. Money can be the leading cause of stress all throughout the journey of surrogacy.

•    Do not choose a person who has never delivered a child. If she is experienced in pregnancy, she can deliver without much complicacy or problem.

•    Check out the past pregnancy record of the mother. You may get in touch with the clinic or the doctor who assisted in delivering. This way you will get to know about the medical records.

•    While you are interviewing the mother, try to change her mind and ask her not to become a surrogate. If she is confident in what she is doing and stays unmoved by your talks, it implies that she is a professional.

The best way to find a professional substitute mother is by choosing an agency in your state. Get to know about the pitfalls associated with surrogacy like handling the legal contracts, health crisis and unexpected medical issues.