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Why it is good to be a surrogate mother?

Why it is good to be a surrogate mother?

A lot of controversy surrounds surrogacy. There are people who think that surrogacy is beneficial while others feel that it is not good. Well, entering surrogacy is totally reliant on the personal style, choice and preference of the mother. If you wish to become a surrogate mother, you need to be aware of the benefits. Surrogacy is a great option for the couples struggling with infertility. Surrogacy is basically of two types, namely, traditional and gestational. In the former, the infant is linked to the mother biologically while in the latter the infant is not related genetically to the mom. It is really good to be a surrogate mom due to a variety of reasons.

Personal satisfaction and happiness

If you are considering surrogacy, then helping others in problem is a real motivator. For many couples, infertility is devastating. To realize the dreams of parenthood, many couples need outside assistance. Indeed, they prefer surrogacy above adoption. When it comes to surrogacy, you have a chance to select the intending parents. So, you may choose parents who share the same kind of outlook that you share. You will get a strong sense of satisfaction when you help other couple. You will feel as if you are making a dramatic impact on the lives of others.

Emotional connection with the intending parents

There is a great sense of respect for surrogate moms in the society. If you plan to help a couple caught in dilemma, you will form an emotional bonding with the intending parents. They will have high regards for you. The relationship you share with the struggling couple will be enduring and strong. It is great to know that some of the couples are so understanding that they allow the surrogate mom to spend time with the infant whenever she feels like. In this way, the mom can forge lifetime relation with the parents and the child. The intending parents will have gratitude for you when you give them their life’s greatest gift.

Comprehensive health care without any expense

The time during pregnancy, before and after pregnancy will offer you a comprehensive healthcare without any need to incur expenses. If in the past you have struggled to offer yourself healthcare, surrogacy is the phase when you will be looked after to the fullest. To verify whether you are fit for surrogacy, you need to undergo several tests. Just before vitro fertilization, one needs to undergo a screening process encompassing blood tests, cervical cultures and hysteroscopy.

The financial support

A surrogate mother is compensated well for carrying the baby for someone else. The mother gets significant financial support and assistance from the agency and the intending parents. The parents pay the surrogate mom for pregnancy and delivery. But, the amount she gets is reliant on the place or state she resides in. If you proceed through an agency, you might get $50000-$60000.

Price is the main benefit of considering surrogacy. If it is a gestational surrogacy, the mother gets compensated for the pains she has to bear. But, the intending parents need to prove their inadequacy at conceiving.

What you need to know about artificial wombs?

What you need to know about artificial wombs?

An artificial womb or artificial uterus is the kind of theoretical device which allows extracorporeal pregnancy or EUFI (extrauterine fetal incubation) by growing fetus or embryo outside the body of the female that usually carries fetus or embryo. Being the replacement organ, it has several applications. It helps male and female couples to have a fetus or develop a fetus. It can carry the fetus for pregnancy. The technology of ectogenesis has been developing since the year 2001. This technology can reduce the chance of stillbirth and allows a close monitoring of the babies. According to other critics, artificial wombs can remove the bonding between the mother and the child.

Artificial wombs are artificial uterus

An artificial womb is the artificial uterus supplying oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. In an artificial womb, there is also the need for customized amniotic fluid sacs in order to eliminate the waste. These amniotic fluid sacs are generally attached to the placenta machine where cables tend to monitor everything right from the weight of the baby to the heart rate. If the uterus of the woman is damaged, she can use an artificial womb. This technological advancement may help you to avoid surrogacy and the complicacies attached to it. Both gay and straight couples may use artificial wombs. On the other hand, such wombs can reduce the number of birth-related-deaths of mothers. This can also increase the duration of fertile years for a woman and indeed drugs may be more easily administered when the fetus is ill.

The origin of ectogenesis

Ectogenesis is the term which is coined in the year 1924 by J.B.S Haldane. People started thinking about the impact of science on our culture and civilization. Ectogenesis is the pregnancy occurring in an artificial environment. The very development of ectogenesis and artificial uteri raises legal considerations and bioethical considerations. It has implication for the abortion debate and reproductive rights. The artificial uteri can expand the very range of the fetal viability and this further raises questions about the role that the fetal viability plays in the realm of abortion law.

Artificial wombs and ectogenesis played crucial role in fictions

Artificial womb has played an important role in science fiction as well. Indeed, ‘Daedalus; Science and the Future’ proposed the idea of ectogenesis for the very first time. Then, Aldous Huxley in ‘Brave New World’, talks about ectogenesis. In the famous novel, ‘Brave New World, Huxley talks about children being grown inside the artificial uterus. Apart from this, in ‘Star Wars’ also we have the discussions about artificial uterus.

Artificial wombs to avoid surrogates

Artificial uterus has great implications for the women who are heterosexuals. There are many who wish to forego pregnancy and do not wish to use their own uterus. Instead of surrogacy, they can opt for artificial womb.

There are many other things to be known about artificial uterus. However, there is a theoretical concern that the kids raised from artificial uterus may lack the bonding they should share with moms.

Top centers for surrogacy in USA

Top centers for surrogacy in USA

Surrogacy is a fabulous option for families looking to build families and have their own biological children if there is any reproductive problem. When we compare the success rate of surrogacy in various countries, then the USA has the maximum success rate. Childless couples, gays, lesbians must find the best center for surrogacy in the USA and then move forward. Let us check out the top centers for surrogacy that have maximum ratings and positive reviews. If you are in search for a surrogate mother, get to know about the best agencies.

Golden Surrogacy: the top surrogacy agency in the USA

Golden Surrogacy is one of the best surrogacy centers that is owned and operated by Adam and Frank Golden, the same-sex couple. As they have seen success in their own journey of surrogacy, they formed Golden Surrogacy agency which has the team of egg donors, experienced surrogates, psychologists and attorneys. The team of professionals is committed to offering trustworthy and authentic services while helping to maintain meaningful relationships. It is also accredited by Better Business Bureau and the proud member of Resolve. It has the score of 9.9 and the average surrogacy journey can cost $125,000.

Creative Family Connections

Creative Family Connections LLC is the boutique law firm situated in Washington DC and focusing on Reproduction Law. Prospective parents who are looking to build a family may get great help from the agency. Collaborative reproduction is assisted by embryo donation, gamete and gestational surrogacy. The agency will perform all the legal tasks and even match the parents with the surrogate mom. Its satisfaction score is 9.6 and the overall cost of the journey may be $134,000.

All Families Surrogacy: the leading gestational surrogacy

This is the leading gestational surrogacy agency which was founded by a gestational surrogate who was a lesbian and under the counseling of the gay surrogacy lawyer. The chief passion of the agency is to help LGBT community and assist in building families. The score is 9.5 and the cost of the surrogate journey can be $137000.

North West Surrogacy: the leading agency of the West Coast

Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC is another leading surrogate agency of the USA, founded by an attorney some 20 years back. The wait time for matching intending couples and surrogate mothers is pretty shorter here. It has the team of highly experienced and qualified medical professionals and so it is a successful clinic. It is known for helping diverse families looking to have their own children. Overall the score is 9.3 and the average cost of the journey may be $117,000.

IARC offering full service support

IARC is another top center for surrogacy in the USA which has great experience and knowledge in surrogacy. It has the track record of 1000 ovum donor births and is known for offering full service support whether it is emotional, financial, legal or medical. You may count on its transparency, education and personalized attention it allots. Well, the satisfactory score of IARC is 9.1 and the average cost of the journey is $109,000.

You may choose any of the top centers to locate a surrogate mother. It is important to choose an agency which has more than 10 reviews or so.

Surrogate mother compensation

Surrogate mother compensation

Surrogate motherhood compensation is the major issue that revolves around surrogacy. Is there any compensation for surrogacy? How much expenses are to be borne by the intending couple? What is the fee charged by a surrogate mother? It is difficult to answer such questions as different regions have different rates. Whether it is a traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy or egg donors, the hottest topic is the compensation amount that needs to be paid. There are many who do not want to become surrogate moms or intending couples, but have the general curiosity to learn about the compensation amount. Do not commit the mistake of equating the fee charged by a surrogate mom to her salary as she is not an employee. Women are there who just love to carry babies for other couples simply to spread happiness and smiles in the lives of the depressed couples.

Methods of compensating

You already know that each surrogacy is different from another and so each mom receives a different compensation. Fees vary from one journey of surrogacy to another. Different intending couples view the compensation for surrogacy differently. If the surrogacy expenses seem overwhelming, there are low cost surrogacy options as well. On an average, a surrogate mom can receive anything like $40,000 to $60,000 as compensation. A lot depends on the total surrogacy expenses and the kind of journey that had to be undergone. If there are complicacies in the journey, a mom has to incur more expenses and thus the charge will be more. When one becomes a surrogate mom, she is eligible for lost wages, maternity clothing, medical co-pays, medications, foods and travel expenses. You also need to pay the expenses relating to legal representation.

The basic structure of surrogacy compensation

There are various divisions in surrogacy compensation. The first division is the base compensation which is the bulk amount. A surrogate mom can get $40,000 as compensation and each month she gets the 10% of it, which comes around to $4,000. Secondly, experienced surrogate charges have to be paid. For the additional pregnancy, the mother gets around $5000-$6000, depending on the surrogate arrangement. Then, there is the multiple birth compensation where the mom gets around $4000-$6000 which is equally divided in 5-6 monthly payments. Apart from these, compensation amounts are paid for bed rest and for embryo transfer, maternity clothing and allowance, monthly allowances upon the matching, disability and life insurance, travel expenses. Partner’s lost wages are also included at times.

Important facts about surrogate mother compensation

•    Surrogate mother compensation is much distinct from other expenses relating to surrogacy.

•    There is compensation for the commitment, time and energy one devotes for surrogacy journey

•    It includes reimbursements for those expenses relating to surrogacy that needs to be met.

•    Most of the times, surrogates are given the freedom to choose their own compensation or fees

The compensation amount is collected much before by the surrogacy agency from the intending couple. So, the funds will be available to the mother so that there is no difficulty in meeting the expenses.

Risks involved in the process of surrogacy

Risks involved in the process of surrogacy

Surrogacy is very complex and an intricate maze of practical, legal and ethical decisions. Surrogacy is such a journey where one needs to do careful planning and pay attention to the slightest of details before opting to create a family. When compared to the traditional family planning, surrogacy involves taking extra steps to protect everyone involved in the process. Each and every person who is involved in it has some important role to play. Only when everyone performs the role perfectly, there is chance of successful delivery. There can be a bad surrogacy journey as well. Before you become a surrogate mother, check out the risks involved in surrogacy.

The problem of unpaid medical bills

This is the common reason behind a bad surrogacy journey. Most of the times, the intended parents do not pay the medical bills. A surrogate mom incurs medical bills to look after herself and the infant. It is very unfortunate to learn that medical bills go unpaid as the bills are under the name of surrogate mom. The hospital might drag her to the court for the non-payment of the bills. This may ruin the financial future of the mother.

Reasons why the bills go unpaid

•    At times the intended parents just run away and there is no way to trace them out

•    At times, the relationship between the surrogate mother and the intended parents get worse and the couple refuses to maintain any contact with the surrogate mom.

•    Intended parents can be just frauds or jerks

•    It may happen that the surrogate mom fails to submit the medical bills on time to the intended parents. Thus, the couple starts feeling that it is the mom who is liable to pay the bills.

Medical conditions

An unexpected medical condition may suddenly arise during pregnancy. This may lead to a major problem in surrogacy motherhood. Apart from this, a surrogate mom can become pregnant with multiple infants. So, she may be needed to take a complete bedrest. Thus, this leads to financial burden both on the surrogate mom and the intending parents. There can be a lot of stress to harm the baby. Babies can have lower weight or may be born prematurely.

Changing feelings

There can be hormonal imbalance due to bad surrogacy journey. The feelings of intending parents and the surrogate mom can change anytime. It can happen that the mom refuses to hand over the child or the parents refuses to take the custody over the child. Disagreements may move out of control, requiring the intervention of a mediator. So, surrogacy may turn sour at the end of the journey.


In the surrogacy community, frauds take place rampantly. The agency may be fraud, the intended parents may be fraud and even the mom can be. At times, surrogate moms state the fact that they are experienced in delivering but they are actually not. The agency can also cheat the intended parents just to receive bulk payment.

It is important for both the surrogate mom and the intended parents to stay careful. Both parties must carry out extensive background search on each other. It is good to choose a reliable lawyer to make the journey a smooth one.

Is it good to be a surrogate mother?

Is it good to be a surrogate mother?

Looking to serve as a gestational mother for some other couple? The decision is life-altering when you plan to become a surrogate mother. But, still the decision is not that right for everyone who wishes to become one. The requirements and responsibilities of being a substitute mom are huge. But, even considering the idea of conceiving for another couple, shows that you are kind, compassionate and generous. You care about the dilemma that other family faces due to the infertility issue of the couple. But, it is more important to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for a surrogate mom. If you wish to know whether you are fit for the journey of surrogacy, you can read the section.

The general health condition

When you try and investigate whether you are a suitable candidate for surrogacy, consider your physical health. It must be in its best state. There must be an absence of the medical condition which is life-threatening. You must not be addicted to smoking or any other illegal substance. Watch your weight for you cannot be obese. Obesity can harm your health and the health of the baby. Some of the risks of obesity include high blood pressure and diabetes. If the blood pressure is too high, it can lead to seizures during pregnancy. If your BMI is under 34 then you are suitable.

Watch your financial condition

During pregnancy, you cannot be stressed out due to any reason. If your financial condition is not good, you will feel stressed, which is not good. Your physical and emotional state is the key to delivering a healthy baby and thus the financial condition must be stable.

The type of help or support you have

Without help and support you cannot think of surrogacy. You need practical day-to-day support and quality assistance. An ideal candidate is the one who has support from friends and family. Then, as a surrogate, you must have some reliable means of transportation. You need to travel frequently for meetings, screenings, tests and checkups.

Are you willing to disclose your personal history?

When you enter surrogacy, you need to be transparent about your medical history, lifestyle and other details. You need to disclose any past history of intaking illegal substances. If you are comfortable doing such things, then surrogacy is good for you. When you fill an application form, you need to talk about the marriage history, miscarriages, abortions and pregnancies. Your mental illness, depression and psychological condition will also be taken into account. This is all done to assure a healthy outcome from surrogacy.

Other requirements to be fulfilled

Apart from the broader ones, you must fulfill other criteria as well. It is good to be a surrogate mother if your age is between 21-45 years. You should at least have one child of yours.

If you are still determined to enter surrogacy, you may get in touch with a pregnancy specialist to learn whether you are a suitable candidate or not. It is good to be surrogate as the rewards are fulfilling. By delivering a baby for some other couple, you can give a lifetime gift to the couple.

How to find the Professional surrogate mother?

How to find the Professional surrogate mother?

Surrogacy is the best reproductive option for the couples who fail to conceive due to infertility. If you wish to become the parents of your own biological children but are unable to conceive, hire a professional surrogate mother. Also known as substitute mother, she is the one who carries a baby for someone else. You may find such a mother through referrals, via the agencies and surrogate clinics and by getting in touch with reliable attorneys. It is important to find someone who is healthy both physically and mentally.

The various options in surrogacy

You may be an anxious couple willing to have a child, but are unable to have it. There can be various reasons hindering your ability to conceive a child. They include physical incapability, abnormality, problems in the reproductive organ, infertility or you may be same sex couple. But, surrogacy can fulfill your dream of having your own biological children. There are mainly four types of surrogacy. They are Traditional Surrogacy, Gestational Surrogacy, Altruistic Surrogacy and Commercial Surrogacy. No matter what option you are considering, you need to find a person willing to carry your baby.

Tips to finding a professional surrogate mother

•    Educate yourself by getting in touch with a professional person having knowledge in surrogacy. Having a child through surrogacy is a life transformational event. Get in touch with a professional agency to find a prospective substitute mother.

•    It is important to check out the background of the mother. There must not be any criminal background of the mother. It is not wise to choose a person with criminal background and trust your baby. Collect as much information about the mother as possible.

•    Choose the mother who is stable mentally. She must be psychologically stable and must have support from friends and family. Personally interview the person after checking out reputable sources for the questions relating to psychology.

•    It is always good to choose a candidate who agrees to gestational surrogacy. As she is not donating her own egg, she will not have problem in parting with the child.

•    The prospective surrogate mother needs to be financially sound. If she has money, she will be motivated all the while. Money can be the leading cause of stress all throughout the journey of surrogacy.

•    Do not choose a person who has never delivered a child. If she is experienced in pregnancy, she can deliver without much complicacy or problem.

•    Check out the past pregnancy record of the mother. You may get in touch with the clinic or the doctor who assisted in delivering. This way you will get to know about the medical records.

•    While you are interviewing the mother, try to change her mind and ask her not to become a surrogate. If she is confident in what she is doing and stays unmoved by your talks, it implies that she is a professional.

The best way to find a professional substitute mother is by choosing an agency in your state. Get to know about the pitfalls associated with surrogacy like handling the legal contracts, health crisis and unexpected medical issues.

How much a professional surrogate mother charge?

How much a professional surrogate mother charge?

Gestational surrogacy is very expensive for families to afford. It represents a major cost for the family and thus you need to evaluate your financial options. But, the chief intension behind being a surrogate mother is a charitable one. After experiencing the pleasure of raising one’s own children, there are some special women who can feel the pain of other couples unable to conceive. They just wish to bring love and happiness in the lives of the couples suffering from infertility. But still, you cannot wait to ask how much a professional surrogate will charge. Money is provided to the mother for the difficulty she has to undergo, the energy she puts in and great compassion and understanding she shows all throughout the pregnancy. It is good to choose an agency for surrogacy since the agency takes care of the surrogacy arrangement, the travel and medical expenses, babysitting and housekeeping expenses. If you are an intended parent, you must make an arrangement of around $100000 to $130000 for surrogacy.

The cost of surrogacy

The cost of surrogacy will differ from state to state. But, if you want to know the cost charged by a professional substitute mother, you may have to pay $100000 to $130000 which covers charges for services needed during pregnancy and the medical fees. This includes the fee charged by mother, the agency fee, the charges for IVF and the cost of fertility treatments. When you approach someone for surrogacy, get to know about the charges and security since that is a sensitive endeavor. When you exclude all the costs, the substitute professional mom can charge you $40,000. If you combine all other costs like agency fees, insurance charges, embryo creation or IVF, legal expenses, physiological screening and travel expenses, then it may come around to $120000-130000.

The cost of gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is when the woman carries the baby for some other couple. She does not donate her own egg and thus she is not the biological parent. The amount charged by a professional surrogate mom depends on the needs and expectations of the parents. There are agencies that match surrogate moms with the intended parents. If one needs egg, sperm and uterus, the cost can come around to $120,000. If the couple can donate their own embryo, the cost might come around to $80000-$90000. The fee charged by just a surrogate mother is $40,000. This does not include any other charges and expenses.

Why the cost is so high?

Most of the couples are just surprised at the fee charged by professional surrogate mothers. But, you need to keep in mind that the charges you pay do not actually goes to the pocket of the mother. Before choosing an agency, you may ask it to break the expenses into parts. There is the agency fee, the attorney charges, insurance payment, etc. that needs to be met.

A surrogacy arrangement is a difficult journey as a lot of complex emotions are involved. Professional moms charge only because of this. They are giving their time, energy and body. She is compensated for her hard work and dedication.

How artificial womb is going to affect the world?

How artificial womb is going to affect the world?

The most important difference between a man and woman lies in different role they play in the society. Without the difference of childbearing, there would be very less difference between them. In fact the distinction between the sexes, the social structure, traditions, the myths, the discrimination separating men and women would evaporate. Women have now acquired the civil rights and they have even ascended in the social status and so the discrimination of past seems to have disappeared and declared illegal. However, when the explicit discrimination gets removed as the factor, various perverse effects become apparent. One of them is that in order to raise a family, a woman is supposed to give up her career to raise children. So, we can say that women cannot just have a promising career as they have the burden of bearing children and this is where women lag behind men. Artificial wombs will offer gender equality to women and assist career oriented women to have a flourishing career.

Artificial wombs to help career women

There are many women who just forgo their family in order to have a flourishing career. In fact, a long term effect takes hold of them. From the context of evolution, we can say that career oriented women have certain genetic traits to distinguish them from housewives and stay-at-home mothers. Many career women forgo the bliss of bearing children and move against the evolution of species. This can act as a powerful force to bring about a change in the very status of women. According to some, if there is just a small variation in the genetic endowment, they will not get efficiently transmitted to the kids by individual parents but this again argues against the idea that kids born of working women are far different from those born of housewives. This is so because what is true for a small population may not be true for all. So, career women can also bear kids and may use artificial womb.

Gender equality and artificial wombs

We cannot even imagine what the world would be like if we removed the singlemost difference between a man and a woman. There are many who just romanticize that women are vulnerable, delicate and in need of special care and protection. This is all vague and pointless. In fact, there is no such difference between the two sexes. The only difference is that a woman bears the ability to bear a child while a male does not. This difference can be removed with the artificial wombs. The artificial womb will neither rob the right to bear a child nor will it devalue a woman in any way. It will just grant women more freedom to decide whether she wants to conceive or not.

An artificial womb is just the result of foreseeable technical trends. We can say that it is bound to produce a change in relationship between a man and a woman. The artificial womb will be the option of rich man but it can even become common with the great technological advancement. There is a lot of exploitation which is intrinsic to surrogate motherhood and an artificial womb will tend to remove that.

Important facts you need to know about surrogate mother

Important facts you need to know about surrogate mother

Surrogacy motherhood is a scientific term used to describe a technique of impregnating a woman with artificial insemination. Here in surrogacy, the eggs of a woman are used while the sperm of a man is being used for fertilization. A candidate is chosen to become a surrogate mother and her fertilized embryo is recovered from an incubator in order to be transferred to the womb of the mother for the normal growth or development of the infant. Surrogacy motherhood is gaining a lot of popularity due to several reasons. If you are considering surrogacy motherhood, get to know the important facts.

Who is a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother is a woman carrying a child for someone else in her womb. They mainly fulfill pregnancy to help a friend or a family member. It is not permissible by law to become a surrogate mom just for financial gain. During the process of surrogacy, there are mainly three persons involved, including the donor, the carrier and the attorney.

The process of surrogacy

You need to understand the entire process of surrogacy before proceeding. If you are looking to become a surrogate, you need to do the following:

•    Get a complete mental evaluation to learn whether you are fit for becoming a surrogate mom or not. To be able to bear child for someone else, you must bear a sound mind.

•    Apart from this, get a complete medical examination to learn if you are fit or not. There must not be any preexisting medical condition and you should have a fit body.

•    You should draw legal papers in order to protect yourself and the new parents from the law. This may be the adoption paperwork to finalize that the new parents can take up the custody over the infant.

•    After the paper work is done, the involved parties and the surrogate meet with the fertility specialist in order to proceed with artificial insemination.

•    In-vitro fertilization or artificial insemination takes place to impregnate the surrogate.

The various kinds of surrogacy

As per the American Surrogacy Center, there can be three distinct kinds of surrogacy, namely, gestational or donor egg, traditional AI and gestational. In the Traditional AI, the mother donates her egg and this gets inseminated artificially by the sperm of the father. During the birth of the child, stepparent adoption is carried out and the mother adopts the child. In the gestational pregnancy, biological parents donate embryo which is further implanted into the mother. The mother is known as gestational carrier in such a case. Lastly, in the case of donor egg, an egg from the anonymous donor and sperm of the father are implanted into the mother.

Risks attached to surrogacy

•    The mother can get attached to the child who is unborn and this is the huge risk.

•    If you are considering surrogacy, there can be medical problem like preeclampsia during labor or delivery.

•    There is also difficulty in making the legal binding agreement.

A lot many things have to be known if you wish to become a surrogate mom. But, you should be aware that there can be deep attachment between you and the child.