Factors to consider before being a surrogate mother

Factors to consider before being a surrogate mother

Looking to become a gestational surrogate mother? You have to undergo numerous procedures in that case. It is not easy to be a surrogate mom as it seems to be. There are some factors you need to consider or you need to answer certain questions to determine if you are a suitable candidate or not. Let us check out a few factors below.

The age limit criteria

Anyone who is between the age of 21 and 38 years qualify for gestational surrogate mom. For becoming a surrogate mother, you need to consider the age. It is important not to be very young or too old. If the age is appropriate, it will reduce the chance of high-risk gestations. Your health and well-being should be ensured and kept intact.

Do you have a child of your own?

This is again important criteria. If you have given birth to the child of your own, then you are a healthy candidate for gestational surrogacy. The one who has given birth to a child, and is looking after it, shows that the person is physically, mentally and emotionally sound. This assures that you are capable of delivering a healthy baby.

Was your previous pregnancy complication free?

You need to consider if your previous gestation was complication free or not. Safety is the chief priority and so the would-be-mom must not have undergone issues like pre-term labor, bleeding, hypertension, gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia situation.

Are you addicted to anything illegal?

A gestational surrogate mother should not be addicted to smoking or alcohol. If you smoke, you are not suitable for surrogacy. There can be various complications during the birth of the child.

Is your home environment clean?

Your home environment must be clean and stable. As the surrogate mom, your home must be free of individuals who like smoking and you should live in a smoke-free environment. Second hand smoking is indeed more harmful when compared to first-hand. Your home must be smoke free practically.

Do you have a reliable means of transportation?

It is important for a surrogate mom to have an efficient mode of transportation. A reliable means of transportation can ensure that you do not face any difficulty in traveling. With the mode of transport, you can move to your office or workplace easily. Regular health checkups will not be difficult for you.

Are you getting the federal financial support?

As a surrogate mom, you must be the part of a welfare program and should be getting federal financial support. You must not be living off the welfare at any cost.

A complete background check

You have to undergo a complete background check before the start of the procedure. In fact, the background check will protect you and offer a complete peace of mind to the intending parents and you. It is also important to undergo medical examination to ensure that you are disease free.

Surrogacy is not actually meant for all. The entire process is life changing and only if you can ensure the above factors, you must move ahead.

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