Gestational surrogate mother – Things to know

Gestational surrogate mother – Things to know

For many families gestational surrogacy is a fantastic option to build a family. It is definitely a complex issue, but if you do not have any child, you may consider this option to have your own child. Agencies play a profound role here as they match up the intended parents with the surrogate mother ready to carry the baby. For the couple unable to conceive, it is a dream come true situation. Gestational surrogates are the moms who already have their own kids. These moms feel that they are extremely fortunate not to have faced infertility issue. Thus, they help those couples who fail to conceive. They forward their great help and allow the parenthood dream of a couple to come true. Such women actually enjoy pregnancy and deliver easily without much complicacy. For the couples in difficulty, such moms are just angels.

Whom does gestational surrogate mom help?

The individuals helped by such moms may be the ones who underwent cancer treatment. Cancer is a deadly disease which makes a woman infertile. Such patients either had a total hysterectomy or the partial hysterectomy during the fertile years. Surrogate moms can simply transform the lives of such people who are struggling with serious medical conditions. They can fill the life of the couple with happiness.

Gestational surrogacy for the same-sex couple

This is another reason why a gestational surrogate mom may be needed. The egg donor may be needed for a man who wishes to become a father. Now, same-sex-marriage is legal in most of the states. Thus, surrogate moms are needed to fulfill the parenthood dream of couples who have the same sex. Most gay couples want to have their own children. Gestational surrogate helps them as well.

A surrogate candidate can choose the donor

Even if the surrogate candidate is functioning via an agency, she can choose the intended parents all by herself. She can peruse through the profiles posted and read up the emotional stories. Basing on that, she can decide the parents herself.

The fees charged by a gestational surrogate mother

It is now an established fact that for the gestational surrogate moms, money has never been a motivating factor to enter surrogacy. Her main reason for doing so is to help the couple solely. She does all for charity and not for any other reason. But, she may ask for the beneficial package of $40,000. This money is charged by the surrogate mother to support her own family.

Surrogate mothers need to undergo a rigorous screening process

Not anyone can become a surrogate mom in the USA. Among so many applicants, only 10% of the candidates are chosen and enter the journey of pregnancy to help others. In fact, everyone has to undergo a rigorous screening process. The one who fulfills all the criteria and is sound physically and mentally is chosen as a candidate for gestational surrogacy.

The laws relating to gestational surrogacy or the egg donation keep on evolving from time to time. In any case, you will need an attorney to stay by your side.

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