Get a surrogate mother from your family

Get a surrogate mother from your family

There are various ways of finding a surrogate mother. At times, you may ask your relatives or friends to become a surrogate for your baby. A family member can become the surrogate. A lot many controversies surround when you plan to have a baby through surrogacy. As the surrogacy law varies from state to state, the legal process gets more difficult to handle. But, surrogacy is the only option for couples faced with fertility issues. Among all the types of surrogacy, in-vitro surrogacy or gestational surrogacy is most popular. Here the egg is gathered from the mother and then fertilized with the sperm of the father and placed in the uterus of the mother. The mother has no genetic ties with the child in this case. If you do not wish to adopt a child, surrogacy is the only parenthood option you are left with.

Who can be the surrogate mother?

Anyone who is physically and mentally sound can become the substitute mother of your child. Although there are several ways of finding such a mother, the best way is to choose someone from your family. Owing to the complex legal issues, the expensive rates of surrogacy, you must definitely prefer someone known. Any family member who is tried and tested and has a good relationship with you can become the mother. This option is healthier. Even the American Societies for Reproductive Medicine acknowledges family ties and considers them acceptable for surrogacy. If a family member has delivered babies in the past and bears a sound health, she can be considered for surrogacy.

Making surrogacy affordable

Finding a surrogate mother is not that easy both financially and emotionally. A typical infertile couple spends countless amount of money to undergo a series of infertility treatment but to no avail. Surrogacy is the sure shot treatment for infertility but it is too much expensive. When you talk about the typical gestational surrogacy, the cost may exceed $60000. This is the standard charge of surrogacy, which does not include surrogate compensation cost, medication fees, clinic fees, attorney fees, travel expenses and the cost of maternity care. One needs to bear bulk expenses if going for surrogacy. So, we may say that surrogacy is out of reach for many couples. To trim the fees relating to surrogacy, choose the mother from your own family as you need not bear much of legal fees.

Should you choose a family member as surrogate?

Yes, you should choose a family member as a surrogate for your baby. The journey will be smoother in that case, but you still need to consider the contract. In the contract, you need to mention if you can compensate your family member for being the surrogate along with the facts on who will bear the expenses. If it is the family member, you may directly and honestly communicate with the person and constantly stay in touch with her.

Although there are many benefits of choosing a surrogate from the family, there can be family disputes as well. You need to know that the dynamics can change after a while. Till you are sure about the person, you cannot just choose anyone.

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