How artificial womb is going to affect the world?

How artificial womb is going to affect the world?

The most important difference between a man and woman lies in different role they play in the society. Without the difference of childbearing, there would be very less difference between them. In fact the distinction between the sexes, the social structure, traditions, the myths, the discrimination separating men and women would evaporate. Women have now acquired the civil rights and they have even ascended in the social status and so the discrimination of past seems to have disappeared and declared illegal. However, when the explicit discrimination gets removed as the factor, various perverse effects become apparent. One of them is that in order to raise a family, a woman is supposed to give up her career to raise children. So, we can say that women cannot just have a promising career as they have the burden of bearing children and this is where women lag behind men. Artificial wombs will offer gender equality to women and assist career oriented women to have a flourishing career.

Artificial wombs to help career women

There are many women who just forgo their family in order to have a flourishing career. In fact, a long term effect takes hold of them. From the context of evolution, we can say that career oriented women have certain genetic traits to distinguish them from housewives and stay-at-home mothers. Many career women forgo the bliss of bearing children and move against the evolution of species. This can act as a powerful force to bring about a change in the very status of women. According to some, if there is just a small variation in the genetic endowment, they will not get efficiently transmitted to the kids by individual parents but this again argues against the idea that kids born of working women are far different from those born of housewives. This is so because what is true for a small population may not be true for all. So, career women can also bear kids and may use artificial womb.

Gender equality and artificial wombs

We cannot even imagine what the world would be like if we removed the singlemost difference between a man and a woman. There are many who just romanticize that women are vulnerable, delicate and in need of special care and protection. This is all vague and pointless. In fact, there is no such difference between the two sexes. The only difference is that a woman bears the ability to bear a child while a male does not. This difference can be removed with the artificial wombs. The artificial womb will neither rob the right to bear a child nor will it devalue a woman in any way. It will just grant women more freedom to decide whether she wants to conceive or not.

An artificial womb is just the result of foreseeable technical trends. We can say that it is bound to produce a change in relationship between a man and a woman. The artificial womb will be the option of rich man but it can even become common with the great technological advancement. There is a lot of exploitation which is intrinsic to surrogate motherhood and an artificial womb will tend to remove that.

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