How artificial womb will work?

How artificial womb will work?

Doctors develop artificial wombs to let the embryos grow outside the womb of the mother. This is a real breakthrough in the treatment of childlessness. Scientists in the past have created prototypes constituting of cells derived from the body of women. The embryos are then attached to the walls of lab wombs and thus they grow. In order to comply with the in-vitro fertilization regulations, the experiments were terminated just after the duration of a few days. Using such revolutionary techniques, artificial uterus was created. It is great to learn that women who completely lack the uterus or those with damaged uterus, they could have their biological babies.

Artificial womb to end the childbirth issues

The development in the artificial womb has simply startled the experts. Indeed, it ended the childbirth issue of several women. But then, artificial womb also raised ethical problems and other issues. According to the feminists, such artificial womb can even eliminate women from the earth while still offspring would be born. The cells are removed from the uterus lining and then the cells are grown in the laboratory with the use of growth factors and hormones. The cells when grows into tissue, the scaffold tends to dissolve. Finally, the embryo that is left over from the IVF program is put into the lab engineered tissue. The embryo is attached to the womb and finally it begins to settle.

How is the artificial womb made?

The artificial womb is made from the cells of the woman and thus there is no chance of organ rejection. So, women with damaged wombs or those who lost hope of conception, even they can have babies. An artificial womb is made from the endometrium cells of the woman followed by placing of embryo and then allowing it to settle and grow. Then the entire package is placed inside the body of the woman. Ectogenesis is the term used for growing an organism outside the body of the mother. An artificial womb needs the artificial uterus in order to supply oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

Artificial womb created by Liu

An artificial womb is the natural outgrowth of IVF effort. It is best applicable for the ones who want their own babies. Women who failed to grow embryo or failed to take hold of the embryo, it is generally for them. The artificial womb by Liu is a simple construction. She adapted the methods involved in creating an artificial skin. At first Liu and her researchers combined the biodegradable substances like chondroitin and collagen and shaped it into a womb matrix. Finally, they got dissolved and only endometrial tissue was left. She also added up human embryos that were left over from the series of IVF treatments. Here the gestation process seems straightforward with the sperm and the egg meeting.

There have been references to artificial wombs in the feminist theory, fiction and abortion debates. It is interesting to learn that many women employ artificial uterus to prevent weight gain during pregnancy and to avoid stretch marks. Couples looking to have their own child can get immense help.

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