How much a professional surrogate mother charge?

How much a professional surrogate mother charge?

Gestational surrogacy is very expensive for families to afford. It represents a major cost for the family and thus you need to evaluate your financial options. But, the chief intension behind being a surrogate mother is a charitable one. After experiencing the pleasure of raising one’s own children, there are some special women who can feel the pain of other couples unable to conceive. They just wish to bring love and happiness in the lives of the couples suffering from infertility. But still, you cannot wait to ask how much a professional surrogate will charge. Money is provided to the mother for the difficulty she has to undergo, the energy she puts in and great compassion and understanding she shows all throughout the pregnancy. It is good to choose an agency for surrogacy since the agency takes care of the surrogacy arrangement, the travel and medical expenses, babysitting and housekeeping expenses. If you are an intended parent, you must make an arrangement of around $100000 to $130000 for surrogacy.

The cost of surrogacy

The cost of surrogacy will differ from state to state. But, if you want to know the cost charged by a professional substitute mother, you may have to pay $100000 to $130000 which covers charges for services needed during pregnancy and the medical fees. This includes the fee charged by mother, the agency fee, the charges for IVF and the cost of fertility treatments. When you approach someone for surrogacy, get to know about the charges and security since that is a sensitive endeavor. When you exclude all the costs, the substitute professional mom can charge you $40,000. If you combine all other costs like agency fees, insurance charges, embryo creation or IVF, legal expenses, physiological screening and travel expenses, then it may come around to $120000-130000.

The cost of gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is when the woman carries the baby for some other couple. She does not donate her own egg and thus she is not the biological parent. The amount charged by a professional surrogate mom depends on the needs and expectations of the parents. There are agencies that match surrogate moms with the intended parents. If one needs egg, sperm and uterus, the cost can come around to $120,000. If the couple can donate their own embryo, the cost might come around to $80000-$90000. The fee charged by just a surrogate mother is $40,000. This does not include any other charges and expenses.

Why the cost is so high?

Most of the couples are just surprised at the fee charged by professional surrogate mothers. But, you need to keep in mind that the charges you pay do not actually goes to the pocket of the mother. Before choosing an agency, you may ask it to break the expenses into parts. There is the agency fee, the attorney charges, insurance payment, etc. that needs to be met.

A surrogacy arrangement is a difficult journey as a lot of complex emotions are involved. Professional moms charge only because of this. They are giving their time, energy and body. She is compensated for her hard work and dedication.

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