How the concept of surrogacy came into being?

How the concept of surrogacy came into being?

More and more couples rely on surrogacy to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. It is interesting to note that surrogacy is not at all a modern day concept. It originated in the Biblical times when a servant by the name Hagar got a child for the infertile Sarah through Abraham, her husband. This is vividly described in the Book of Genesis, Bible. The modern commercial surrogacy is just the result of great developments in social customs, in the field of medicine, legal proceedings. In the 1930s, the pharmaceutical companies started producing estrogen. Surrogacy has been a controversial practice all across the globe since its very evolution. It tends to raise social, moral and legal issues. Let us delve deep into the facts on evolution of surrogacy and surrogate mother.

The biblical times and the story

The Chapter 16 of ‘Books of Genesis’ says the story of Sarah who was infertile and the wife of Abraham. Sarah could not bear a child for Abraham and thus gave Hagar, her servant to Abraham so that she could become the mother of Abraham’s child. This is the traditional story of surrogacy, which is actually a primitive version. This is much like traditional surrogacy where a woman is impregnated with the man’s sperm.

The prehistoric days

In most of the countries, surrogacy is a prevalent practice since the age old times. Most cultures have integrated the beliefs relating to surrogacy into their belief system. The ones who refused to abide by the beliefs were normally thrown out of the families.

Why surrogacy is appreciated so much?

Many civilizations and religions have praised surrogacy simply because a surrogate mother does a good deed by bearing the child for infertile couples. The American Indian Society totally praised surrogacy because it gave a suitable way to carry the bloodline and the family name. It is unfortunate that in the 1900s, if any woman was found to be infertile, she was taken to the witch doctor. If the remedies prescribed by the doctor failed, the man would take another woman to have a child. At the end, the barren woman was left like that and the husband lived with the biological mother of the child.

The belief of the Spanish Royals

In the European history also you have the mention of surrogacy. In the Spanish culture, men had the permission to have several surrogate mothers till the time a son was born. Indeed, the surrogate mom would become the nanny of the royal children born. Indeed, the children would believe that the King and Queen are the biological parents. So there would be no question relating to rights to the throne.

Surrogacy in the modern times

So, modern surrogacy actually belongs to the middle 1970s and even before. That was the time when the legal surrogacy agreement got enacted. During this time, surrogacy made the headlines when Louise Jay Brown was born, the world’s first test-tube baby.

In the recent times, surrogacy has reached new heights of popularity. In the year 1975-1980, surrogacy did cost only $15000 but the price is huge in the current times.

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