How to find out the best surrogacy agency in USA?

How to find out the best surrogacy agency in USA?

A speedy research for a surrogate agency and egg donor will give you hundreds of names and with so many surrogate agencies mushrooming all throughout the USA, the choice becomes difficult. Various sites and ads will distract your attention but you need to make certain enquires before banking on any of the agencies. Whether you want to become a surrogate mother or you are intending parents looking for the surrogate mom, you need to do adequate researches and ask a series of questions from the agency. To find a suitable surrogate office or find the reliable egg benefactor, you should make certain enquiries. It is crucial to ensure that you are working with real experts.

Basic enquiries to be made

•    Ask for how long the agency has been doing business. Surrogacy is really a sensitive and complex matter. So experience matters a lot.

•    Find out who is suggested by your ripeness specialist. It may happen that your chosen office is not in the suggested list. You can make online researches and get in touch with the experts and lawyers to extract information on the agency. Have a look at the upward audit over the internet. The ones who are there in the field of surrogacy must be contacted.

•    What kind of tests and medical checkups a surrogate mom has to undergo? In the event that the prospective surrogate mom does not pass the restorative screening, learn about the arrangements that can be made at the later stage. Since each and every organization or agency has its own strategies, you need to know about them.

•    How often the surrogate agency lists a new surrogate or egg contributor?

•    Can you attain the case history of the past intending couples? There must be devoted caseworkers working for the agency.

•    What is the mode of contacting the surrogate agency? It is important to make sure that the surrogate mother, the intending couple or even the workers are able to contact the office all 24 hours.

•    Are you allowed to choose your egg contributor or the intending couple? There are surrogate moms who agree to be surrogate mom only after reading the emotional stories of couples trying to conceive. Some folks want to have an association with the egg benefactor.

Other factors to consider

It is very important for a surrogate mom and the intending couple to interview the agency. When you approach the agency, ask the following questions:

•    What is the qualification of the director of the agency?
•    Do you have attorneys tied to your organization?
•    Are there sufficient infertility specialists?
•    What is the success rate?
•    How many failures in surrogacy occurred in the past?
•    Can you give me the contact details of the intending couples who had successful surrogacy?

Choosing a surrogate agency simply on the basis of location is foolishness. You need to consider the success rate and get to know more about it. Thoroughly check out the track record of the agency.

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