How to find the Professional surrogate mother?

How to find the Professional surrogate mother?

Surrogacy is the best reproductive option for the couples who fail to conceive due to infertility. If you wish to become the parents of your own biological children but are unable to conceive, hire a professional surrogate mother. Also known as substitute mother, she is the one who carries a baby for someone else. You may find such a mother through referrals, via the agencies and surrogate clinics and by getting in touch with reliable attorneys. It is important to find someone who is healthy both physically and mentally.

The various options in surrogacy

You may be an anxious couple willing to have a child, but are unable to have it. There can be various reasons hindering your ability to conceive a child. They include physical incapability, abnormality, problems in the reproductive organ, infertility or you may be same sex couple. But, surrogacy can fulfill your dream of having your own biological children. There are mainly four types of surrogacy. They are Traditional Surrogacy, Gestational Surrogacy, Altruistic Surrogacy and Commercial Surrogacy. No matter what option you are considering, you need to find a person willing to carry your baby.

Tips to finding a professional surrogate mother

•    Educate yourself by getting in touch with a professional person having knowledge in surrogacy. Having a child through surrogacy is a life transformational event. Get in touch with a professional agency to find a prospective substitute mother.

•    It is important to check out the background of the mother. There must not be any criminal background of the mother. It is not wise to choose a person with criminal background and trust your baby. Collect as much information about the mother as possible.

•    Choose the mother who is stable mentally. She must be psychologically stable and must have support from friends and family. Personally interview the person after checking out reputable sources for the questions relating to psychology.

•    It is always good to choose a candidate who agrees to gestational surrogacy. As she is not donating her own egg, she will not have problem in parting with the child.

•    The prospective surrogate mother needs to be financially sound. If she has money, she will be motivated all the while. Money can be the leading cause of stress all throughout the journey of surrogacy.

•    Do not choose a person who has never delivered a child. If she is experienced in pregnancy, she can deliver without much complicacy or problem.

•    Check out the past pregnancy record of the mother. You may get in touch with the clinic or the doctor who assisted in delivering. This way you will get to know about the medical records.

•    While you are interviewing the mother, try to change her mind and ask her not to become a surrogate. If she is confident in what she is doing and stays unmoved by your talks, it implies that she is a professional.

The best way to find a professional substitute mother is by choosing an agency in your state. Get to know about the pitfalls associated with surrogacy like handling the legal contracts, health crisis and unexpected medical issues.

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