How will you get the best surrogacy clinic?

How will you get the best surrogacy clinic?

Surrogacy is a beautiful gift and a wonderful life transformational experience. Women who wish to become surrogate mothers, they are usually compassionate looking to help the couple faced with infertility issue. Surrogacy is the kind of bond that tends to intertwine the life of the mother and the couple. It is an extremely noble cause. A surrogate mother can approach the surrogacy clinic. The agency finds the matching couple in need of a child. Before signing any agreement with the agency, make sure you thoroughly check out the background of the agency.

Key factors to consider when choosing an agency

Becoming a surrogate implies having some flexibility in the schedule for medical tests, doctor’s appointments and medical screening. You should consider the following important factors:

•    The surrogate agency you choose must not run a home-based business. It must have its brick-of-a-mortar existence. Indeed, the agency should have official headquarters.

•    When approaching an agency, do check out the life insurance options, monthly payments, the compensation and the options for direct deposit

•    Travel related expenses are paid by the agency itself and not by the mother.

•    Your preferred agency should be necessarily affiliated with the best legal experts and fertility specialists.

Choose an agency which has surrogates actually working for it. Former surrogates may offer you a great peace of mind all throughout the journey of pregnancy.

A thorough online research

With the help of the internet, you can find almost anything you want. Look online to locate the nearest surrogacy clinic offering services at cost effective rates.

Consider the features of a surrogacy agency

A good surrogacy clinic will offer you top quality treatment facility, proper hygiene and staff facilities. The clinic should offer you the standard storage facilities when it comes to the freezing of embryo or eggs. There must be qualified technicians and highly capable, reliable doctors present round the clock. It also must have a tie up with some outside laboratory.

Get recommendations

If you are serious about surrogacy, do take recommendations from friends and family and learn the names of the best clinics.

Efficient set of staffs

The clinic you choose for surrogacy must have the best set of staffs, obstetricians and gynecologists. The Reproduction surgeon must be available all 24 hours to rectify the complicacies relating to uterine abnormality, obstruction in the Fallopian tube or any reproductive organ abnormality.

An Endocrinologist is important

The role of an endocrinologist cannot be ignored when it comes to surrogacy. He monitors the level of hormones, especially during the ovarian stimulation phase. To counter the problems relating to immunology, an immunologist is also needed.

Additional services to be provided

You must be very choosy about your selection of surrogacy clinic. Apart from others, a clinic should also provide the services of the geneticist to access the congenital abnormality the unborn may be facing.

A surrogate mother must always have access to a psychologist to provide those counseling sessions. Look online for the surrogacy clinics and prepare a list of top 10 clinics. You can personally interview the staffs by giving a call. It will be good to pay personal visits to the clinics.

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