Important facts you need to know about surrogate mother

Important facts you need to know about surrogate mother

Surrogacy motherhood is a scientific term used to describe a technique of impregnating a woman with artificial insemination. Here in surrogacy, the eggs of a woman are used while the sperm of a man is being used for fertilization. A candidate is chosen to become a surrogate mother and her fertilized embryo is recovered from an incubator in order to be transferred to the womb of the mother for the normal growth or development of the infant. Surrogacy motherhood is gaining a lot of popularity due to several reasons. If you are considering surrogacy motherhood, get to know the important facts.

Who is a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother is a woman carrying a child for someone else in her womb. They mainly fulfill pregnancy to help a friend or a family member. It is not permissible by law to become a surrogate mom just for financial gain. During the process of surrogacy, there are mainly three persons involved, including the donor, the carrier and the attorney.

The process of surrogacy

You need to understand the entire process of surrogacy before proceeding. If you are looking to become a surrogate, you need to do the following:

•    Get a complete mental evaluation to learn whether you are fit for becoming a surrogate mom or not. To be able to bear child for someone else, you must bear a sound mind.

•    Apart from this, get a complete medical examination to learn if you are fit or not. There must not be any preexisting medical condition and you should have a fit body.

•    You should draw legal papers in order to protect yourself and the new parents from the law. This may be the adoption paperwork to finalize that the new parents can take up the custody over the infant.

•    After the paper work is done, the involved parties and the surrogate meet with the fertility specialist in order to proceed with artificial insemination.

•    In-vitro fertilization or artificial insemination takes place to impregnate the surrogate.

The various kinds of surrogacy

As per the American Surrogacy Center, there can be three distinct kinds of surrogacy, namely, gestational or donor egg, traditional AI and gestational. In the Traditional AI, the mother donates her egg and this gets inseminated artificially by the sperm of the father. During the birth of the child, stepparent adoption is carried out and the mother adopts the child. In the gestational pregnancy, biological parents donate embryo which is further implanted into the mother. The mother is known as gestational carrier in such a case. Lastly, in the case of donor egg, an egg from the anonymous donor and sperm of the father are implanted into the mother.

Risks attached to surrogacy

•    The mother can get attached to the child who is unborn and this is the huge risk.

•    If you are considering surrogacy, there can be medical problem like preeclampsia during labor or delivery.

•    There is also difficulty in making the legal binding agreement.

A lot many things have to be known if you wish to become a surrogate mom. But, you should be aware that there can be deep attachment between you and the child.

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