Is it good to be a surrogate mother?

Is it good to be a surrogate mother?

Looking to serve as a gestational mother for some other couple? The decision is life-altering when you plan to become a surrogate mother. But, still the decision is not that right for everyone who wishes to become one. The requirements and responsibilities of being a substitute mom are huge. But, even considering the idea of conceiving for another couple, shows that you are kind, compassionate and generous. You care about the dilemma that other family faces due to the infertility issue of the couple. But, it is more important to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for a surrogate mom. If you wish to know whether you are fit for the journey of surrogacy, you can read the section.

The general health condition

When you try and investigate whether you are a suitable candidate for surrogacy, consider your physical health. It must be in its best state. There must be an absence of the medical condition which is life-threatening. You must not be addicted to smoking or any other illegal substance. Watch your weight for you cannot be obese. Obesity can harm your health and the health of the baby. Some of the risks of obesity include high blood pressure and diabetes. If the blood pressure is too high, it can lead to seizures during pregnancy. If your BMI is under 34 then you are suitable.

Watch your financial condition

During pregnancy, you cannot be stressed out due to any reason. If your financial condition is not good, you will feel stressed, which is not good. Your physical and emotional state is the key to delivering a healthy baby and thus the financial condition must be stable.

The type of help or support you have

Without help and support you cannot think of surrogacy. You need practical day-to-day support and quality assistance. An ideal candidate is the one who has support from friends and family. Then, as a surrogate, you must have some reliable means of transportation. You need to travel frequently for meetings, screenings, tests and checkups.

Are you willing to disclose your personal history?

When you enter surrogacy, you need to be transparent about your medical history, lifestyle and other details. You need to disclose any past history of intaking illegal substances. If you are comfortable doing such things, then surrogacy is good for you. When you fill an application form, you need to talk about the marriage history, miscarriages, abortions and pregnancies. Your mental illness, depression and psychological condition will also be taken into account. This is all done to assure a healthy outcome from surrogacy.

Other requirements to be fulfilled

Apart from the broader ones, you must fulfill other criteria as well. It is good to be a surrogate mother if your age is between 21-45 years. You should at least have one child of yours.

If you are still determined to enter surrogacy, you may get in touch with a pregnancy specialist to learn whether you are a suitable candidate or not. It is good to be surrogate as the rewards are fulfilling. By delivering a baby for some other couple, you can give a lifetime gift to the couple.

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