Problems that must be considered by a surrogate mother

Problems that must be considered by a surrogate mother

Are you willing to become a surrogate mother? When you first plan to become a surrogate mom to help others, the reasons are honorable and noble. You just want a couple to enjoy parenthood and be charitable. But, there are lots of problems involved in it. Some of the couples will not understand the reasons why you enter surrogacy, but they will criticize you and judge you for doing so. Apart from this, during pregnancy, you have to face medical risks, financial and health risks. If you are employed, then you are risking your own job to help others. So, read the section to discover more.

What can be the medical risks you have to face?

Firstly, the agency you choose will match the ovulation cycle of the intended mother with your ovulation cycle. When they do this, you will be asked to take contraceptive pills and the steroid like Luprin. But, prior to matching the ovulation cycle, you need to undergo a series of blood tests and health checkups to ensure that your body is fit for surrogacy. The process of ensuring that the cycle of intended mother is totally in synchronization with the surrogate mom is very lengthy and taxing as well. But, an agency is bound to do so since it can happen that the mother is ovulating, but the one who is chosen for surrogacy is not ready to receive the eggs. This is a very crucial part of the entire process.

The actual insemination has to be dealt with

The one who is a surrogate mom needs to undergo the insemination process. This process is pretty much difficult and painful. There may be side effects of medicines and sleep disturbance or depression in the process of insemination. You might feel guilty at some point of time and it may even get difficult to separate from the fetus. But, to overcome these problems, you must always start your surrogacy journey with the help of a reputed agency which has the set of counselors and support group to offer the necessary counseling.

Legal issues to be faced

Besides the health issues, you may have to bear the legal consequences as well. There are laws to protect the privacy of the surrogate mother. The laws relating to surrogacy keeps on changing and thus you need to stay up-to-date with it. Normally, a surrogate mom is responsible for her insurance and health expenses. So, it is mandatory to secure yourself financially before becoming a substitute mother. Most of the women do full time jobs and thus they are financially stable before starting the motherhood journey. You need to have enough money to support yourself when you are pregnant.

Discuss it out with your spouse

Before you enter surrogacy, it is good to talk to your spouse. Your spouse must also consent to your decision of becoming surrogate mom. If there is no support from the family and spouse, there is again a problem.

Delivering baby for some other couple is a serious matter. You have to be very careful before taking any decision. But, if you give a splendid gift to the couple, the rewards will be fulfilling.

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