Revolutionary artificial wombs created by scientists

Revolutionary artificial wombs created by scientists

Usually the gender either male or female comprises the unique characteristics. One of the characteristics of female includes the responsibility of giving the birth to the offspring. The artificial wombs are invented for the children those who are born earlier than 24 weeks and they can survive outside of the mother’s womb for 4 weeks. The researchers and the scientists had faced various challenges for developing the new technology that had allowed for the viability of the earlier births related to chronic conditions. The babies born as extreme premature should need the support of the artificial wombs. Even premature animals are present. Scientists create the artificial wombs for the premature babies. The artificial wombs consist of the synthetic amniotic fluid in a plastic bag. The machine that is placed outside the bag connected to the umbilical cord assists by providing the function of a placenta and supports for the supply of nutrition and oxygen to the blood and removal of the carbon dioxide.

Artificial Wombs

The researchers and scientists did not have the rights to test the device with the humans. The innovations are added that BioBag, a sterile and single-use bag that is used to circulate the substitute for amniotic fluid. This fluid is used in the bag in order to maintain the sterile conditions and the actual environment where the fetus is exposed. For the experimentation, the lambs are placed for around 15 to 17 weeks and the bags are connected to the oxygenators. The lambs are growing inside the bag and exhibit the healthy development inside the wombs. There are no issues with the abnormalities in the brains and lungs of the lambs. The device comprises of plastic bag filled with the synthetic amniotic fluid that support the normal development, recreation of every function that the mother does for development and maturation. The risk of deaths and disabilities can be controlled by maintaining the growth of the fetus in the bag when there is prematuration. Normal pregnancy required 40 weeks for development while the human device are designed for the premature child who born 23 to 24 weeks into pregnancy. According to the researchers, the premature child will be given birth earlier than 26 weeks. The artificial wombs support development of fetus in the outside environment. The BioBag designing included closely packed system, single time use, and minimized amniotic fluid volume that are more customizable with change in size and shape.

Artificial wombs for women

The artificial wombs are used to help women who are going for the career. Career oriented women can use these artificial wombs for developing their children. Female have the unique characteristic of bearing a child. The difference between the male and female can be removed by use of the artificial wombs. The artificial wombs will provide the right to the women for either bearing a child or not depending on the health condition of the women, and all other associated factors for bearing a child. The innovations of the artificial wombs added the options for women in bearing a child.

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