Risks involved in the process of surrogacy

Risks involved in the process of surrogacy

Surrogacy is very complex and an intricate maze of practical, legal and ethical decisions. Surrogacy is such a journey where one needs to do careful planning and pay attention to the slightest of details before opting to create a family. When compared to the traditional family planning, surrogacy involves taking extra steps to protect everyone involved in the process. Each and every person who is involved in it has some important role to play. Only when everyone performs the role perfectly, there is chance of successful delivery. There can be a bad surrogacy journey as well. Before you become a surrogate mother, check out the risks involved in surrogacy.

The problem of unpaid medical bills

This is the common reason behind a bad surrogacy journey. Most of the times, the intended parents do not pay the medical bills. A surrogate mom incurs medical bills to look after herself and the infant. It is very unfortunate to learn that medical bills go unpaid as the bills are under the name of surrogate mom. The hospital might drag her to the court for the non-payment of the bills. This may ruin the financial future of the mother.

Reasons why the bills go unpaid

•    At times the intended parents just run away and there is no way to trace them out

•    At times, the relationship between the surrogate mother and the intended parents get worse and the couple refuses to maintain any contact with the surrogate mom.

•    Intended parents can be just frauds or jerks

•    It may happen that the surrogate mom fails to submit the medical bills on time to the intended parents. Thus, the couple starts feeling that it is the mom who is liable to pay the bills.

Medical conditions

An unexpected medical condition may suddenly arise during pregnancy. This may lead to a major problem in surrogacy motherhood. Apart from this, a surrogate mom can become pregnant with multiple infants. So, she may be needed to take a complete bedrest. Thus, this leads to financial burden both on the surrogate mom and the intending parents. There can be a lot of stress to harm the baby. Babies can have lower weight or may be born prematurely.

Changing feelings

There can be hormonal imbalance due to bad surrogacy journey. The feelings of intending parents and the surrogate mom can change anytime. It can happen that the mom refuses to hand over the child or the parents refuses to take the custody over the child. Disagreements may move out of control, requiring the intervention of a mediator. So, surrogacy may turn sour at the end of the journey.


In the surrogacy community, frauds take place rampantly. The agency may be fraud, the intended parents may be fraud and even the mom can be. At times, surrogate moms state the fact that they are experienced in delivering but they are actually not. The agency can also cheat the intended parents just to receive bulk payment.

It is important for both the surrogate mom and the intended parents to stay careful. Both parties must carry out extensive background search on each other. It is good to choose a reliable lawyer to make the journey a smooth one.

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