Surrogacy and its costs in USA

Surrogacy and its costs in USA

For those couples who are struggling to have a child or those women who are unable to carry a baby, surrogacy is the great option to have a family. But, prior to starting a surrogacy journey, it is crucial to learn the basics about the process. One needs to know the various kinds of arrangements relating to surrogacy, the processes involved and the legal consequences. To make sure that your journey is as smooth as possible, you need to have a good understanding of how to safeguard your rights, the cost involved in the entire journey of surrogacy and also the significance of having the support and guidance required in the process. Since each surrogacy journey or type is different, there is no fixed cost of undergoing such motherhood. It is not possible to give the exact dollar amount needed to become a surrogate mother. If there are complications in the process, the costs will be higher.

Why is surrogacy expensive?

A successful journey of surrogacy needs a professional team of doctors, trained professionals and staffs. All the professionals concerning surrogacy are needed to ensure the parents that surrogacy will be positive and successful. An agency should have some program in place to address the risk management in various aspects of the process. Surrogate professionals must always be there to understand, evaluate and respond to the risks put up with the process. There is a need for a medical team, psychological support team, medical and legal team, administrative and insurance team, management team to handle the processes. Thus, the cost of surrogacy is pretty high.

The average cost of surrogacy in the USA

While it is impossible to give the exact figure of the surrogacy cost, we can say that on an average it might cost $25000. There are others who can charge lesser than this, but women who are extremely qualified in surrogacy, they can charge even more. But, such women give the assurance of successful surrogacy. You need to know here that the standard fee of surrogacy does not include the cost of vitamin supplements, food and medical fee.

When can the cost of surrogacy increase?

If the surrogate mother finds that there is more than one baby in the womb through ultra sound, the cost will rise. If there is more than one baby, an additional cost of $5000 has to be borne. However, the ultra scans are performed only after the period of 12 weeks. An additional fee again needs to be paid to the lawyer as both the mother and the intended parties need to sign a fresh contract. A psychological evaluation needs to be performed and the cost may be $5000.

The maximum cost of surrogacy

In case any complicacy arises and there is the need for sperm, donor’s egg and embryo, additional cost needs to be borne. If the one handling surrogacy is too experienced, the cost might come around to $110000 even.

So, we can say that a lot many factors determine the cost of surrogacy. If your journey is smooth, devoid of any complicacy, you will have to pay less. In case, multiple fetuses need to be removed, you have to bear additional charges.

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