Surrogate mother compensation

Surrogate mother compensation

Surrogate motherhood compensation is the major issue that revolves around surrogacy. Is there any compensation for surrogacy? How much expenses are to be borne by the intending couple? What is the fee charged by a surrogate mother? It is difficult to answer such questions as different regions have different rates. Whether it is a traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy or egg donors, the hottest topic is the compensation amount that needs to be paid. There are many who do not want to become surrogate moms or intending couples, but have the general curiosity to learn about the compensation amount. Do not commit the mistake of equating the fee charged by a surrogate mom to her salary as she is not an employee. Women are there who just love to carry babies for other couples simply to spread happiness and smiles in the lives of the depressed couples.

Methods of compensating

You already know that each surrogacy is different from another and so each mom receives a different compensation. Fees vary from one journey of surrogacy to another. Different intending couples view the compensation for surrogacy differently. If the surrogacy expenses seem overwhelming, there are low cost surrogacy options as well. On an average, a surrogate mom can receive anything like $40,000 to $60,000 as compensation. A lot depends on the total surrogacy expenses and the kind of journey that had to be undergone. If there are complicacies in the journey, a mom has to incur more expenses and thus the charge will be more. When one becomes a surrogate mom, she is eligible for lost wages, maternity clothing, medical co-pays, medications, foods and travel expenses. You also need to pay the expenses relating to legal representation.

The basic structure of surrogacy compensation

There are various divisions in surrogacy compensation. The first division is the base compensation which is the bulk amount. A surrogate mom can get $40,000 as compensation and each month she gets the 10% of it, which comes around to $4,000. Secondly, experienced surrogate charges have to be paid. For the additional pregnancy, the mother gets around $5000-$6000, depending on the surrogate arrangement. Then, there is the multiple birth compensation where the mom gets around $4000-$6000 which is equally divided in 5-6 monthly payments. Apart from these, compensation amounts are paid for bed rest and for embryo transfer, maternity clothing and allowance, monthly allowances upon the matching, disability and life insurance, travel expenses. Partner’s lost wages are also included at times.

Important facts about surrogate mother compensation

•    Surrogate mother compensation is much distinct from other expenses relating to surrogacy.

•    There is compensation for the commitment, time and energy one devotes for surrogacy journey

•    It includes reimbursements for those expenses relating to surrogacy that needs to be met.

•    Most of the times, surrogates are given the freedom to choose their own compensation or fees

The compensation amount is collected much before by the surrogacy agency from the intending couple. So, the funds will be available to the mother so that there is no difficulty in meeting the expenses.

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