Surrogate motherhood – which type is most appropriate for you?

Surrogate motherhood – which type is most appropriate for you?

Surrogacy is the process which involves using the uterus of some other woman, to implant and to carry the embryo, to deliver an infant for some other couple. The woman who carries the baby for the infertile couple is known as the surrogate mother. The entire process makes use of in vitro fertilization to place the egg inside the mother’s uterus. When we talk about the types, there are two kinds of surrogacy. Choices can be made between traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Indeed, each type works in its own fashion. Gestational surrogacy is also termed as full surrogacy, while the traditional surrogacy is also known as partial surrogacy.

Important facts on gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is the kind of arrangement where the surrogate mom and the intended parents agree to any one of the following:

•    The egg and the sperm, both belong to the intended parents

•    IVF or in vitro fertilization where the egg will be donated and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father.

•    An embryo created with the donor sperm and the donor egg chosen by the intended parents.

In this form of gestational surrogacy, the mother is not related to the child biologically.

Facts about traditional surrogacy

In the traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is the egg donor and she is only the carrier of the baby. She donates her egg, which gets fertilized or inseminated by the sperm of the donor or the intended father. Here the mother conceives through intrauterine insemination or artificial insemination. Indeed, she is very much linked to the child.

Which is better?

Both gestational and traditional surrogacy has a high success rate, but it is better to choose the former. For a surrogate mother, it is easier to part with the child in that case. But, if you cannot afford the charges of gestational surrogacy, which is very high, you can prefer traditional surrogacy. Straight surrogacy or the traditional surrogacy is the least expensive form of surrogacy, which is also called artificial insemination. The mother can use the insemination kit and the semen of the intended father. Thus, the baby is conceived with the egg of the surrogate mom only.

Gestational surrogacy or the host surrogacy is the process of conceiving where the IVF is used. It is considerably expensive and more complicated than the straight surrogacy. It mostly takes place in the fertility clinic. In host surrogacy, there are usually three stages, namely, egg donation, fertilization and transfer.

How to know which kind of surrogacy is better?

If you wish to become a surrogate mom, you need to choose between traditional surrogacy and the gestational surrogacy. The ones who wish to avoid the medical intervention needed for IVFs, they may choose straight surrogacy. If you think you cannot part with the child, you must go for gestational surrogacy. To grow your own family, both options are healthy for you.

To adopt a more natural kind of surrogacy, one can go for traditional surrogacy. Take help from an agency to learn more about the type of surrogacy you should choose.

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