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What is the Work procedure of surrogacy?

What is the Work procedure of surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a sort of agreement whereby the prospective mother agrees to carry a baby for some other couple. Couples facing infertility issue may take help from a surrogate mother to have children carrying the genes of the intended parents. Through surrogacy, the parents can have their own names on the birth certificate of the child. In the US, the average cost of surrogacy can be $40000 to $60000. The chief aim is to have the child carrying the genetic material of the parents. Before approaching anyone for surrogacy, you must take legal advices. The entire journey of surrogacy is surrounded by complicacies and controversies. To take an informed decision regarding surrogacy, you must understand the work procedure.

Who can consider a surrogate mother?

Surrogacy is the best option for parents who are suffering from fertility issues. The medical condition must be proven prior to signing the contract. If the medical condition is such that it is impossible to conceive a baby or dangerous to bear a baby, you may take help from a substitute mother. Surrogacy becomes a necessity when there is a malformation or complete absence of the uterus or womb. If there are continuous miscarriages or IVF failures, you are eligible to seek help from others.

The exact working of surrogacy

Full surrogacy is also known as gestational surrogacy and it involves an implantation of embryos created by the following:

•    The fusion of sperm and egg of the intended parents
•    An egg donated and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father
•    An embryo formed with the eggs of the donor and the donor’s sperm

If you are going for traditional or partial surrogacy, it will involve an embryo created with surrogate’s egg and intended father’s sperm. Fertilization is done by IUI or intrauterine insemination or through artificial insemination.

Factors determining the chance of having a baby

The success rate of surrogacy is difficult to determine. But there are still some factors that might help in determining the chance of having a baby. A lot depends on the capability of surrogate mother to deliver a baby. Her health condition and mental state must be sound. Secondly, the one who is donating the egg must have appropriate age. Who is carrying out the process of IVF and IUI also determines whether the process will succeed or fail. The gamete quality of the commissioning parents also determines the success of surrogacy.

Risks involved in surrogacy

The kind of surrogacy you are willing to choose determines the risk factors involved. The risks that are associated with full surrogacy are similar to that of IVF. It is important to ensure that the donor is screened. If this is not done, there may be risk of transferring STDs and Hepatitis. IUI is highly recommended for the ones involved in surrogacy.

The intended parents are actually responsible for paying surrogacy charges. However, the medical fees vary from clinic to clinic. If the surrogate delivers twin, extra expenses has to be borne. Get in touch with a fertility specialist to learn if surrogacy arrangement is right for you.

When should you opt for surrogacy?

When should you opt for surrogacy?

Surrogate motherhood is also called substitute mother and can be categorized as gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. Due to an increase in the infertility rate and the soaring population of gay, lesbians, transgender and bisexual, more and more individuals are looking forward to surrogacy. Surrogacy is the best option for the couples who cannot conceive. There can be ovulation disorder and infertility and so couples need to look for a substitute mom to bear the offspring. There are various conditions when a couple can choose a surrogate mother to bear the child.

Infertility is the greatest reason

Do you wish to fulfill your dream of parenthood? Infertility may be stopping you from accomplishing your dreams. Women suffering from infertility cannot conceive. This infertility may be the result of any medical condition to make conceiving risky. Certain medical conditions can lead to high blood pressure, liver infirmities and disease in the child’s heart. Surrogacy is the only way to experience the bliss of parenthood.

Surrogacy for single parent

If you are a single parent looking to fulfill your dream of parenthood, surrogacy is for you. You will have your own biological child to live for.

Other factors when surrogacy is suitable

There may be several other factors when surrogacy is just right for you. It may happen that the female is too busy in building her own career and cannot manage time for conception. The nine months of pregnancy can risk the job and so women do consider surrogacy in the current times. Apart from this, there can be other factors like pelvic disorder, repeated miscarriages, impaired uterus and hysterectomy, which may make it impossible to deliver successfully. A complete absence of the uterus is also a reason to consider surrogacy.

When to choose surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a renowned infertility treatment which allows an infertile couple to have one’s own kids. Some women who fail to conceive look for a surrogate mother. Following are the reasons:

•    If there has been instances of failed IVF treatments
•    Recurring miscarriages
•    A complete absence or the malformation of uterus
•    Failure of embryo implantation treatment
•    Any dangerous heart ailment, high blood pressure, liver disease or uncontrollable diabetes that can risk the health of the baby
•    Pelvic disorder or hysterectomy
•    Impaired womb

The above conditions are such that it is not possible for the woman to conceive. But, still, you may have your own biological child through surrogacy.

The lower cost of traditional surrogacy

As already stated, there are two kinds of surrogacy. It is always better to choose gestational surrogacy as the mother will not have much bonding with the child. But, gestational surrogacy is expensive and so couples choose traditional surrogacy. In the traditional surrogacy, no donation fee is involved. In case, the insemination does not work, it might be tried out within the duration of a few weeks.

There are women who can produce healthy eggs but cannot deliver due to a variety of reasons. They can choose gestational surrogacy. Although from a financial standpoint the traditional surrogacy makes sense, still you should opt for gestational surrogacy.

What can an artificial womb do?

What can an artificial womb do?

In the year 1924, J.B.S Haldane first coined the word ‘ectogenesis’ in order to describe how pregnancy will once pave the way for artificial wombs. In the year 1951, Dupont and Schwarz came up with the first child produced through this technique. Now this technique is fully grown where we may take an ovary and let it grow in the suitable fluid for around 20 years to produce fresh ovum every month. The embryo can then grow successfully for 9 months and then it may be brought out. As per Haldane, by the time we reach 2070s, ectogenesis will become a popular technique of growing embryos. Less than 30% children would be born of women and 70% from ectogenesis. This technology mimics or copies the reproductive power of the nature which is sure to provide medical benefits to a woman.

How can artificial wombs benefit women?

There are potential medical benefits of artificial wombs. They are going to help out those women who have suffered multiple miscarriages. Miscarriages do take place as a result of embryo implantation or the women who suffered hysterectomies owing to uterine cancer. Women facing multiple pregnancies can get some relief from artificial uterus. They offer a kind of temporary quarters for 2-3 fetuses and thus women can avoid complications resulting from a crowded womb. Then, there are those women who cannot carry their own kids. They can now have their own babies with the artificial womb. It is an alternative to surrogacy which may be utilized. Surrogacy is the kind of arrangement that takes a lot of economic and psychology advantage of the ones who are considering it. In fact, the entire range of concern will be gone with the artificial womb. Well, turning procreation into a manufacturing process, which an artificial uterus does, will not be bothered that much. Indeed, here the baby is created as the baby is wanted. The lack of connection between the baby and the mother will not be taken so seriously.

Important facts on artificial wombs

In the early 1960s, experiments commenced on incubators that started functioning as smartly as the natural womb. All the major experiments and researches were focused on creating artificial placenta which is complex and a specialized organ to offer support to the fetus till it starts to perform functions on its own. An artificial womb in true sense will replicate the placenta functions and not simply the fluids of the womb, the bacteria and other elements required for the growth and development of the fetus. In the 1960s, several experiments were conducted on animals like goat, rabbit and lamb fetuses. Currently, the incubators used may seem sleek and highly efficient but the basic functioning remains the same as it was decades back. The incubators can offer the needed warmth and humidity but still cannot supply the nutrients needed.

A few people with tons of money will be able to use an artificial womb. Although the way of reproduction changes, the way we see a woman can never change. Artificial reproductive techniques can threaten the status of the women as per the feminists.

Surrogate motherhood – which type is most appropriate for you?

Surrogate motherhood – which type is most appropriate for you?

Surrogacy is the process which involves using the uterus of some other woman, to implant and to carry the embryo, to deliver an infant for some other couple. The woman who carries the baby for the infertile couple is known as the surrogate mother. The entire process makes use of in vitro fertilization to place the egg inside the mother’s uterus. When we talk about the types, there are two kinds of surrogacy. Choices can be made between traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Indeed, each type works in its own fashion. Gestational surrogacy is also termed as full surrogacy, while the traditional surrogacy is also known as partial surrogacy.

Important facts on gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is the kind of arrangement where the surrogate mom and the intended parents agree to any one of the following:

•    The egg and the sperm, both belong to the intended parents

•    IVF or in vitro fertilization where the egg will be donated and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father.

•    An embryo created with the donor sperm and the donor egg chosen by the intended parents.

In this form of gestational surrogacy, the mother is not related to the child biologically.

Facts about traditional surrogacy

In the traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is the egg donor and she is only the carrier of the baby. She donates her egg, which gets fertilized or inseminated by the sperm of the donor or the intended father. Here the mother conceives through intrauterine insemination or artificial insemination. Indeed, she is very much linked to the child.

Which is better?

Both gestational and traditional surrogacy has a high success rate, but it is better to choose the former. For a surrogate mother, it is easier to part with the child in that case. But, if you cannot afford the charges of gestational surrogacy, which is very high, you can prefer traditional surrogacy. Straight surrogacy or the traditional surrogacy is the least expensive form of surrogacy, which is also called artificial insemination. The mother can use the insemination kit and the semen of the intended father. Thus, the baby is conceived with the egg of the surrogate mom only.

Gestational surrogacy or the host surrogacy is the process of conceiving where the IVF is used. It is considerably expensive and more complicated than the straight surrogacy. It mostly takes place in the fertility clinic. In host surrogacy, there are usually three stages, namely, egg donation, fertilization and transfer.

How to know which kind of surrogacy is better?

If you wish to become a surrogate mom, you need to choose between traditional surrogacy and the gestational surrogacy. The ones who wish to avoid the medical intervention needed for IVFs, they may choose straight surrogacy. If you think you cannot part with the child, you must go for gestational surrogacy. To grow your own family, both options are healthy for you.

To adopt a more natural kind of surrogacy, one can go for traditional surrogacy. Take help from an agency to learn more about the type of surrogacy you should choose.

Surrogacy and its costs in USA

Surrogacy and its costs in USA

For those couples who are struggling to have a child or those women who are unable to carry a baby, surrogacy is the great option to have a family. But, prior to starting a surrogacy journey, it is crucial to learn the basics about the process. One needs to know the various kinds of arrangements relating to surrogacy, the processes involved and the legal consequences. To make sure that your journey is as smooth as possible, you need to have a good understanding of how to safeguard your rights, the cost involved in the entire journey of surrogacy and also the significance of having the support and guidance required in the process. Since each surrogacy journey or type is different, there is no fixed cost of undergoing such motherhood. It is not possible to give the exact dollar amount needed to become a surrogate mother. If there are complications in the process, the costs will be higher.

Why is surrogacy expensive?

A successful journey of surrogacy needs a professional team of doctors, trained professionals and staffs. All the professionals concerning surrogacy are needed to ensure the parents that surrogacy will be positive and successful. An agency should have some program in place to address the risk management in various aspects of the process. Surrogate professionals must always be there to understand, evaluate and respond to the risks put up with the process. There is a need for a medical team, psychological support team, medical and legal team, administrative and insurance team, management team to handle the processes. Thus, the cost of surrogacy is pretty high.

The average cost of surrogacy in the USA

While it is impossible to give the exact figure of the surrogacy cost, we can say that on an average it might cost $25000. There are others who can charge lesser than this, but women who are extremely qualified in surrogacy, they can charge even more. But, such women give the assurance of successful surrogacy. You need to know here that the standard fee of surrogacy does not include the cost of vitamin supplements, food and medical fee.

When can the cost of surrogacy increase?

If the surrogate mother finds that there is more than one baby in the womb through ultra sound, the cost will rise. If there is more than one baby, an additional cost of $5000 has to be borne. However, the ultra scans are performed only after the period of 12 weeks. An additional fee again needs to be paid to the lawyer as both the mother and the intended parties need to sign a fresh contract. A psychological evaluation needs to be performed and the cost may be $5000.

The maximum cost of surrogacy

In case any complicacy arises and there is the need for sperm, donor’s egg and embryo, additional cost needs to be borne. If the one handling surrogacy is too experienced, the cost might come around to $110000 even.

So, we can say that a lot many factors determine the cost of surrogacy. If your journey is smooth, devoid of any complicacy, you will have to pay less. In case, multiple fetuses need to be removed, you have to bear additional charges.

Problems that must be considered by a surrogate mother

Problems that must be considered by a surrogate mother

Are you willing to become a surrogate mother? When you first plan to become a surrogate mom to help others, the reasons are honorable and noble. You just want a couple to enjoy parenthood and be charitable. But, there are lots of problems involved in it. Some of the couples will not understand the reasons why you enter surrogacy, but they will criticize you and judge you for doing so. Apart from this, during pregnancy, you have to face medical risks, financial and health risks. If you are employed, then you are risking your own job to help others. So, read the section to discover more.

What can be the medical risks you have to face?

Firstly, the agency you choose will match the ovulation cycle of the intended mother with your ovulation cycle. When they do this, you will be asked to take contraceptive pills and the steroid like Luprin. But, prior to matching the ovulation cycle, you need to undergo a series of blood tests and health checkups to ensure that your body is fit for surrogacy. The process of ensuring that the cycle of intended mother is totally in synchronization with the surrogate mom is very lengthy and taxing as well. But, an agency is bound to do so since it can happen that the mother is ovulating, but the one who is chosen for surrogacy is not ready to receive the eggs. This is a very crucial part of the entire process.

The actual insemination has to be dealt with

The one who is a surrogate mom needs to undergo the insemination process. This process is pretty much difficult and painful. There may be side effects of medicines and sleep disturbance or depression in the process of insemination. You might feel guilty at some point of time and it may even get difficult to separate from the fetus. But, to overcome these problems, you must always start your surrogacy journey with the help of a reputed agency which has the set of counselors and support group to offer the necessary counseling.

Legal issues to be faced

Besides the health issues, you may have to bear the legal consequences as well. There are laws to protect the privacy of the surrogate mother. The laws relating to surrogacy keeps on changing and thus you need to stay up-to-date with it. Normally, a surrogate mom is responsible for her insurance and health expenses. So, it is mandatory to secure yourself financially before becoming a substitute mother. Most of the women do full time jobs and thus they are financially stable before starting the motherhood journey. You need to have enough money to support yourself when you are pregnant.

Discuss it out with your spouse

Before you enter surrogacy, it is good to talk to your spouse. Your spouse must also consent to your decision of becoming surrogate mom. If there is no support from the family and spouse, there is again a problem.

Delivering baby for some other couple is a serious matter. You have to be very careful before taking any decision. But, if you give a splendid gift to the couple, the rewards will be fulfilling.

How to find surrogate mothers?

How to find surrogate mothers?

For millions of individuals, becoming a parent and raising a family is the prime goal. This aim is cherished despite biological limitations where the couples fail to conceive due to no fault of theirs. The situation may be devastating for many and thus they look for a surrogate mother. Surrogacy is the only way to have biological children in a natural manner when the couple cannot conceive. Those who are unable to conceive due to infertility issue or any other reason can approach a surrogate mom. Indeed, adoption and surrogacy are the effective tools to have children or raise children. Surrogacy is the technique of In Vitro Fertilization where the embryo is fertilized outside the body and finally implanted into the uterus of the surrogate mom. You need to be choosy about selecting a surrogate mom. This is indeed the most complicated step for the intended couple.

Choose the best among thousands of surrogate moms

The number of potential candidates for surrogacy is on the rise. You will get the names of thousands of surrogate moms when you check online, but it is important to choose the best one. You may approach an agency to find a suitable surrogate mom. Any of the serious surrogate moms will understand that it is a great responsibility to carry the baby for some other couple. They need to have behavior which is suitable when it comes to delivering a healthy baby. The mom must be transparent and should understand the importance of transparency in the selection and introduction process. It is good to choose a mother who has delivered a healthy baby in the past.

Ask your friends and relatives for recommendations

You may even ask a friend or relative to act as a surrogate mom. This will help you avoid several complications in the later stage. But, it may be tough to find so loving relative who is ready to help you. If this is not possible, you may at least ask your friends and relatives to suggest you a surrogate mom.

Visit a reliable IVF clinic

To find a surrogate mom, you may visit the IVF clinic. They have the surrogacy programs and the agency can look into the database of surrogate moms to suggest you the best name. The agency will have the names of surrogate moms who have undergone medical tests. The medical care administrators who note down the names and the contact information of the surrogate moms can also help you a lot. Before you choose anyone, it is important to learn about the compensation.

Carry an independent search for surrogate moms

You may also look up independently for the surrogate mom online. Look at the placement ads and classifieds. Such ads mostly have the names of women who are in their best physical and mental state. Choose a clinic which is trustworthy.

Get in touch with private agents

You may contact the private agent to help you search a surrogate mom for a commission.

By following the above tips, you can arrive at the best surrogate mother. In case, you have no relative to help you out, choose an agency which can offer you a complete professional support.

How the concept of surrogacy came into being?

How the concept of surrogacy came into being?

More and more couples rely on surrogacy to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. It is interesting to note that surrogacy is not at all a modern day concept. It originated in the Biblical times when a servant by the name Hagar got a child for the infertile Sarah through Abraham, her husband. This is vividly described in the Book of Genesis, Bible. The modern commercial surrogacy is just the result of great developments in social customs, in the field of medicine, legal proceedings. In the 1930s, the pharmaceutical companies started producing estrogen. Surrogacy has been a controversial practice all across the globe since its very evolution. It tends to raise social, moral and legal issues. Let us delve deep into the facts on evolution of surrogacy and surrogate mother.

The biblical times and the story

The Chapter 16 of ‘Books of Genesis’ says the story of Sarah who was infertile and the wife of Abraham. Sarah could not bear a child for Abraham and thus gave Hagar, her servant to Abraham so that she could become the mother of Abraham’s child. This is the traditional story of surrogacy, which is actually a primitive version. This is much like traditional surrogacy where a woman is impregnated with the man’s sperm.

The prehistoric days

In most of the countries, surrogacy is a prevalent practice since the age old times. Most cultures have integrated the beliefs relating to surrogacy into their belief system. The ones who refused to abide by the beliefs were normally thrown out of the families.

Why surrogacy is appreciated so much?

Many civilizations and religions have praised surrogacy simply because a surrogate mother does a good deed by bearing the child for infertile couples. The American Indian Society totally praised surrogacy because it gave a suitable way to carry the bloodline and the family name. It is unfortunate that in the 1900s, if any woman was found to be infertile, she was taken to the witch doctor. If the remedies prescribed by the doctor failed, the man would take another woman to have a child. At the end, the barren woman was left like that and the husband lived with the biological mother of the child.

The belief of the Spanish Royals

In the European history also you have the mention of surrogacy. In the Spanish culture, men had the permission to have several surrogate mothers till the time a son was born. Indeed, the surrogate mom would become the nanny of the royal children born. Indeed, the children would believe that the King and Queen are the biological parents. So there would be no question relating to rights to the throne.

Surrogacy in the modern times

So, modern surrogacy actually belongs to the middle 1970s and even before. That was the time when the legal surrogacy agreement got enacted. During this time, surrogacy made the headlines when Louise Jay Brown was born, the world’s first test-tube baby.

In the recent times, surrogacy has reached new heights of popularity. In the year 1975-1980, surrogacy did cost only $15000 but the price is huge in the current times.

How artificial womb will work?

How artificial womb will work?

Doctors develop artificial wombs to let the embryos grow outside the womb of the mother. This is a real breakthrough in the treatment of childlessness. Scientists in the past have created prototypes constituting of cells derived from the body of women. The embryos are then attached to the walls of lab wombs and thus they grow. In order to comply with the in-vitro fertilization regulations, the experiments were terminated just after the duration of a few days. Using such revolutionary techniques, artificial uterus was created. It is great to learn that women who completely lack the uterus or those with damaged uterus, they could have their biological babies.

Artificial womb to end the childbirth issues

The development in the artificial womb has simply startled the experts. Indeed, it ended the childbirth issue of several women. But then, artificial womb also raised ethical problems and other issues. According to the feminists, such artificial womb can even eliminate women from the earth while still offspring would be born. The cells are removed from the uterus lining and then the cells are grown in the laboratory with the use of growth factors and hormones. The cells when grows into tissue, the scaffold tends to dissolve. Finally, the embryo that is left over from the IVF program is put into the lab engineered tissue. The embryo is attached to the womb and finally it begins to settle.

How is the artificial womb made?

The artificial womb is made from the cells of the woman and thus there is no chance of organ rejection. So, women with damaged wombs or those who lost hope of conception, even they can have babies. An artificial womb is made from the endometrium cells of the woman followed by placing of embryo and then allowing it to settle and grow. Then the entire package is placed inside the body of the woman. Ectogenesis is the term used for growing an organism outside the body of the mother. An artificial womb needs the artificial uterus in order to supply oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

Artificial womb created by Liu

An artificial womb is the natural outgrowth of IVF effort. It is best applicable for the ones who want their own babies. Women who failed to grow embryo or failed to take hold of the embryo, it is generally for them. The artificial womb by Liu is a simple construction. She adapted the methods involved in creating an artificial skin. At first Liu and her researchers combined the biodegradable substances like chondroitin and collagen and shaped it into a womb matrix. Finally, they got dissolved and only endometrial tissue was left. She also added up human embryos that were left over from the series of IVF treatments. Here the gestation process seems straightforward with the sperm and the egg meeting.

There have been references to artificial wombs in the feminist theory, fiction and abortion debates. It is interesting to learn that many women employ artificial uterus to prevent weight gain during pregnancy and to avoid stretch marks. Couples looking to have their own child can get immense help.

Gestational surrogate mother – Things to know

Gestational surrogate mother – Things to know

For many families gestational surrogacy is a fantastic option to build a family. It is definitely a complex issue, but if you do not have any child, you may consider this option to have your own child. Agencies play a profound role here as they match up the intended parents with the surrogate mother ready to carry the baby. For the couple unable to conceive, it is a dream come true situation. Gestational surrogates are the moms who already have their own kids. These moms feel that they are extremely fortunate not to have faced infertility issue. Thus, they help those couples who fail to conceive. They forward their great help and allow the parenthood dream of a couple to come true. Such women actually enjoy pregnancy and deliver easily without much complicacy. For the couples in difficulty, such moms are just angels.

Whom does gestational surrogate mom help?

The individuals helped by such moms may be the ones who underwent cancer treatment. Cancer is a deadly disease which makes a woman infertile. Such patients either had a total hysterectomy or the partial hysterectomy during the fertile years. Surrogate moms can simply transform the lives of such people who are struggling with serious medical conditions. They can fill the life of the couple with happiness.

Gestational surrogacy for the same-sex couple

This is another reason why a gestational surrogate mom may be needed. The egg donor may be needed for a man who wishes to become a father. Now, same-sex-marriage is legal in most of the states. Thus, surrogate moms are needed to fulfill the parenthood dream of couples who have the same sex. Most gay couples want to have their own children. Gestational surrogate helps them as well.

A surrogate candidate can choose the donor

Even if the surrogate candidate is functioning via an agency, she can choose the intended parents all by herself. She can peruse through the profiles posted and read up the emotional stories. Basing on that, she can decide the parents herself.

The fees charged by a gestational surrogate mother

It is now an established fact that for the gestational surrogate moms, money has never been a motivating factor to enter surrogacy. Her main reason for doing so is to help the couple solely. She does all for charity and not for any other reason. But, she may ask for the beneficial package of $40,000. This money is charged by the surrogate mother to support her own family.

Surrogate mothers need to undergo a rigorous screening process

Not anyone can become a surrogate mom in the USA. Among so many applicants, only 10% of the candidates are chosen and enter the journey of pregnancy to help others. In fact, everyone has to undergo a rigorous screening process. The one who fulfills all the criteria and is sound physically and mentally is chosen as a candidate for gestational surrogacy.

The laws relating to gestational surrogacy or the egg donation keep on evolving from time to time. In any case, you will need an attorney to stay by your side.