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Who can be a surrogate mother?

Who can be a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother is the one who carries the fetus for some other person dealing with infertility. After the infant is born, the mother hands over the child to the intended parents or the couple who cannot conceive. If you wish to become such mother, you need to know whether you are fit for surrogacy or not. Let us check out the key prerequisites for becoming one.

Criteria for being a surrogate mother

As an applicant for surrogacy, you must fulfill the following conditions:

•    You should have conceived in the past and successfully delivered your own baby

•    You must be in between 21 to 41 years of age

•    Not involved in the government aided programs such as welfare, cash assistance, public housing, etc. The various forms of assistance have to be covered or dealt with case-by-case.

•    Having the body mass index not exceeding 33. But, in some cases, the BMI of 34-35 is also accepted.

•    If you are considering surrogacy in the USA, you must reside in a surrogacy friendly state

•    The mother must have support from friends and family

•    You must not be addicted to alcohol, cigarette, drugs.

•    Even the woman with contraceptive implants, IUDs or those who have Depo Provera shot may become substitute mother. But, the IUD must be removed prior to the transfer.

Surrogate motherhood and sexually transmitted diseases

There are some STDs that will disqualify you when it comes to surrogacy. If you have Hepatitis or HIV, you are disqualified. But, if you have genital herpes or genital warts, you qualify for surrogacy. On the other hand, if you are already carrying a baby and wish to become a surrogate mother of the baby, you still do not qualify. This is so because the intended parents contribute their genetic material and only then the child is conceived.

Qualities required for being a surrogate

Surrogacy is a huge responsibility and when you agree to become such a mother, you are willing to give your energy, effort, time and body. Your very decision to help an unfortunate couple must be attested to your own sense of dignity, compassion, generosity and deep level of understanding. The entire journey of surrogacy might seem difficult but the end result is extremely rewarding. The chief qualities one must have are commitment and compassion. Apart from this, the health condition, both physical and mental state of the mother and the infant, is of prime concern. Different clinics set different criteria for substitute mothers. But the basics remain the same like the age, the BMI, the health condition and the general habitat. You must be a non-smoker residing in the non-smoking home. Stress and other complications must be kept at the bay. One needs to be financially sound as that can be the leading cause of stress.

As a substitute mother, you need to have a past experience of bearing children. The one who showed upstanding and highly responsible behavior in the past while raising children is eligible for being a substitute mother. If you are ready to enter surrogacy, choose an agency to start your journey.

What is the success rate of surrogacy?

What is the success rate of surrogacy?

The success rate of surrogacy is higher since a surrogate mother having optimum health is normally chosen for surrogacy. But still, the surrogacy regulation is inconsistent worldwide and clinics may post any figure or their own success rate. Clinics are more vocal about their successes in the past and stay quiet or silent on the less dramatic successes. Apart from this, there are a wide variety of surrogacy procedures and IVFs and indeed all procedures have different success rates. Well, if we compare all the procedures, then it is IVF which offers the maximum success. The sperm donor needs to undergo a lot many medical examinations and indeed he is young, free of medical conditions. The one with a positive fertility history is chosen to donate the sperm. Even the surrogate mom is very young who had to meet rigorous fertility criteria. The success rate is between 60-65% when there is a fresh embryo transfer.

What is the success rate of fresh embryo transfer?

Overall the success rate for fresh embryo transfer is 65% and with that of a frozen embryo, it is 45%. Indeed the rate of successful birth is 90-95%. The clinics only report the surrogacy statistics for those cases in which the embryo undergone PGD analysis. However, the success rate might rise to 80%. It is unfortunate to learn that clinics do not tend to reveal that their successes need further verification. There may be additional costs and medical procedures required in the process.

The success rate of IVFs

IVFs have more success rate than other procedures of surrogacy. Some of the clinics guarantee the success of IVFs including the subsequent embryo transfers. Cases where there are repeated failures after continuous embryo transfers, they tend to reveal that the father had damaged sperm. There is every reason to believe that the result would not be successful in the IVF where the sperm donor had been healthy and the egg donor made successful donations, resulting to pregnancies. The surrogacy procedure would be successful if the donor had made successful donations in the past, leading to pregnancies.

The success rate of self-donation

This is a very high risk situation where the success rate is just 15-16%. Self-donation is the case of surrogacy where the mother herself donates her egg. It is the high risk situation as the couple already had a series of miscarriages or failed pregnancies. On the other hand, the egg donor is usually older than what actually is recommended. Thus, the success rate for self-donation is just 15-16%.

Know the success rate of IVFs and surrogacy

If you want to know the success rate in true sense, you should ask for the details of the case from the clinic. Clinics that report the success of any case, should give evidences to prove how far the stated words are true. You may even enquire about the total number of embryo transfers done in the past. So, you will get a more useful kind of comparison.

For IVFs, the success rate is higher. A lot depends on the surrogate mother and the donor. Stress must be kept at bay and the intended parents must try their best to look after the mother.

Tips to become a surrogate mother

Tips to become a surrogate mother

Did you hear a heartrending story of infertility and want to help your friend? Well, each woman who wishes to become a surrogate mother has her own unique story and reason that compels her to become one. You need a generous heart to become a substitute mother. There are emotional, physical and legal issues involved in surrogacy. It is important to look for a good attorney as the law of surrogacy differs. Let us check out the tips to becoming a substitute mother.

Find out your suitability

To be able to become a mother, you need to find your suitability first. Are you physically and mentally fit to become a mother? Women between 21 and 45 are good candidates for surrogacy. If you had a previous pregnancy without any complication, then you are fit.

Preconception check up

Visit your doctor to make sure that you are fit. He will carry out physical examinations to find if you have any medical condition. If you take birth control pills, get to know from the doctor for how long you need to stop it prior to getting pregnant. Get yourself vaccinated for certain diseases. Get yourself tested for HIV.

Psychological screening is important

If you are approaching a surrogacy agency, you need to undergo psychological screening. Through this process, it will be clear if you really want to conceive or not.

The need for prenatal vitamin supplement

To provide health benefits to the unborn infant, it is crucial to intake prenatal vitamins. Before trying to conceive, you must intake folic acid supplements. It is important for the development of the fetus.

Surrogacy agreement

There are various kinds of surrogacy and thus you need to know them. Get to know the details about traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and gestational surrogate prior to proceeding.

Understand the surrogacy law of your state

Laws relating to surrogacy differ from state to state. It is more complicated in the UK and the US. If there is no federal law regarding surrogacy, you may even get jailed for entering into a surrogacy agreement. Some states will allow gestational surrogacy, but not the traditional surrogacy. Some of the state laws also require the new parents to undergo a legal adoption proceeding once the child is born. Knowing the law of your state is important.

Should you go for an agency or not?

If you select a surrogacy agency, it will choose the couple who want a child. But, if you want to help your friend or any family member, you need not approach an agency.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

If you are into any bad habits like smoking, drinking, drugs, do give up. Those who approach a surrogacy clinic, they are examined thoroughly to ensure that the mother is mentally and physically fit. You are allowed to become a surrogate mother only if you live a healthy lifestyle. Your body weight must also be ideal.

The ones who feel that being a substitute mother is rather difficult, they can discuss out the feelings with the clinic. You have to deal with extremely complex emotions during the pregnancy phase. By being careful about the above stated tips, you may fulfill the dream of becoming a substitute mother.

Surrogate mother agency

Surrogate mother agency

The number of surrogate mother agency is increasing for a single reason, that is, children. Raising a child is the cherished dream of most couples who wish to become mom and dad. The journey of motherhood and parenthood is interesting and changes the life of both mother and father or anyone around them. But, unfortunately, not all couples are capable of giving birth to babies and thus they look forward to surrogacy. Surrogacy is the only potential way of having biological kids in the event of infertility. In the USA, there has been a rise in the number of couples utilizing surrogacy to bring forth children. A surrogate mom is the only helping hand for the couple which has lost all hopes of conception. In the US, surrogacy is very much legal and thus many individuals have raised delighted households. Whether you want to be a surrogate mom or wish for a child through surrogacy, you need to find a suitable agency. There are some important facts you need to know about the surrogate agency and surrogacy.

Surrogate agencies run surrogate programs legally in the USA

You may become a gestational surrogate mom through an agency in the USA legally. It is common in the USA to help the couples who lost all hope of conception. Females are indeed choosing this lucrative career of surrogacy to help others. It definitely feels great that one can help others and give a wonderful gift of the lifetime. Gifting a baby is simply splendid.

It is great to work along with surrogate agencies

Being a surrogate mom is a complicated journey of motherhood. The experience of the mom can be good and it may be bad also. A lot depends on the intending couple who have to make all payments in a timely manner. Most of the times, the working relation between the surrogate mom and the couple ends well. To be on the safe side, you must always try and choose a reliable agency to find a surrogate mother or a matching couple. There are many surrogate agencies that have years of experience in surrogacy. They make sure that the mom is compensated for all her effort, time, devotion and energy. Both parties will be satisfied if they work along with an agency.

Surrogate agency acts as a partner for the intending couple and the mom

It is great to learn that a surrogate agency acts as a real partner for the mom and the couple. If there is any dispute emerging at the later stage, the agency takes the responsibility of handling all. The agency makes sure that there is a smooth interaction between the parties involved. So, at the end, both the surrogate mom and the couple have a pleasant experience. Before the mom starts her journey of surrogacy, the agency makes her understand that the baby she will carry belongs to the intended parents. Then, the surrogate agency also helps the mom when there is the occurrence of multiple births.

After the baby is born, the agency ensures that the mother and the couple share a smooth relationship. It makes sure that both the parties get what they actually want.

Revolutionary artificial wombs created by scientists

Revolutionary artificial wombs created by scientists

Usually the gender either male or female comprises the unique characteristics. One of the characteristics of female includes the responsibility of giving the birth to the offspring. The artificial wombs are invented for the children those who are born earlier than 24 weeks and they can survive outside of the mother’s womb for 4 weeks. The researchers and the scientists had faced various challenges for developing the new technology that had allowed for the viability of the earlier births related to chronic conditions. The babies born as extreme premature should need the support of the artificial wombs. Even premature animals are present. Scientists create the artificial wombs for the premature babies. The artificial wombs consist of the synthetic amniotic fluid in a plastic bag. The machine that is placed outside the bag connected to the umbilical cord assists by providing the function of a placenta and supports for the supply of nutrition and oxygen to the blood and removal of the carbon dioxide.

Artificial Wombs

The researchers and scientists did not have the rights to test the device with the humans. The innovations are added that BioBag, a sterile and single-use bag that is used to circulate the substitute for amniotic fluid. This fluid is used in the bag in order to maintain the sterile conditions and the actual environment where the fetus is exposed. For the experimentation, the lambs are placed for around 15 to 17 weeks and the bags are connected to the oxygenators. The lambs are growing inside the bag and exhibit the healthy development inside the wombs. There are no issues with the abnormalities in the brains and lungs of the lambs. The device comprises of plastic bag filled with the synthetic amniotic fluid that support the normal development, recreation of every function that the mother does for development and maturation. The risk of deaths and disabilities can be controlled by maintaining the growth of the fetus in the bag when there is prematuration. Normal pregnancy required 40 weeks for development while the human device are designed for the premature child who born 23 to 24 weeks into pregnancy. According to the researchers, the premature child will be given birth earlier than 26 weeks. The artificial wombs support development of fetus in the outside environment. The BioBag designing included closely packed system, single time use, and minimized amniotic fluid volume that are more customizable with change in size and shape.

Artificial wombs for women

The artificial wombs are used to help women who are going for the career. Career oriented women can use these artificial wombs for developing their children. Female have the unique characteristic of bearing a child. The difference between the male and female can be removed by use of the artificial wombs. The artificial wombs will provide the right to the women for either bearing a child or not depending on the health condition of the women, and all other associated factors for bearing a child. The innovations of the artificial wombs added the options for women in bearing a child.

How will you get the best surrogacy clinic?

How will you get the best surrogacy clinic?

Surrogacy is a beautiful gift and a wonderful life transformational experience. Women who wish to become surrogate mothers, they are usually compassionate looking to help the couple faced with infertility issue. Surrogacy is the kind of bond that tends to intertwine the life of the mother and the couple. It is an extremely noble cause. A surrogate mother can approach the surrogacy clinic. The agency finds the matching couple in need of a child. Before signing any agreement with the agency, make sure you thoroughly check out the background of the agency.

Key factors to consider when choosing an agency

Becoming a surrogate implies having some flexibility in the schedule for medical tests, doctor’s appointments and medical screening. You should consider the following important factors:

•    The surrogate agency you choose must not run a home-based business. It must have its brick-of-a-mortar existence. Indeed, the agency should have official headquarters.

•    When approaching an agency, do check out the life insurance options, monthly payments, the compensation and the options for direct deposit

•    Travel related expenses are paid by the agency itself and not by the mother.

•    Your preferred agency should be necessarily affiliated with the best legal experts and fertility specialists.

Choose an agency which has surrogates actually working for it. Former surrogates may offer you a great peace of mind all throughout the journey of pregnancy.

A thorough online research

With the help of the internet, you can find almost anything you want. Look online to locate the nearest surrogacy clinic offering services at cost effective rates.

Consider the features of a surrogacy agency

A good surrogacy clinic will offer you top quality treatment facility, proper hygiene and staff facilities. The clinic should offer you the standard storage facilities when it comes to the freezing of embryo or eggs. There must be qualified technicians and highly capable, reliable doctors present round the clock. It also must have a tie up with some outside laboratory.

Get recommendations

If you are serious about surrogacy, do take recommendations from friends and family and learn the names of the best clinics.

Efficient set of staffs

The clinic you choose for surrogacy must have the best set of staffs, obstetricians and gynecologists. The Reproduction surgeon must be available all 24 hours to rectify the complicacies relating to uterine abnormality, obstruction in the Fallopian tube or any reproductive organ abnormality.

An Endocrinologist is important

The role of an endocrinologist cannot be ignored when it comes to surrogacy. He monitors the level of hormones, especially during the ovarian stimulation phase. To counter the problems relating to immunology, an immunologist is also needed.

Additional services to be provided

You must be very choosy about your selection of surrogacy clinic. Apart from others, a clinic should also provide the services of the geneticist to access the congenital abnormality the unborn may be facing.

A surrogate mother must always have access to a psychologist to provide those counseling sessions. Look online for the surrogacy clinics and prepare a list of top 10 clinics. You can personally interview the staffs by giving a call. It will be good to pay personal visits to the clinics.

How to find out the best surrogacy agency in USA?

How to find out the best surrogacy agency in USA?

A speedy research for a surrogate agency and egg donor will give you hundreds of names and with so many surrogate agencies mushrooming all throughout the USA, the choice becomes difficult. Various sites and ads will distract your attention but you need to make certain enquires before banking on any of the agencies. Whether you want to become a surrogate mother or you are intending parents looking for the surrogate mom, you need to do adequate researches and ask a series of questions from the agency. To find a suitable surrogate office or find the reliable egg benefactor, you should make certain enquiries. It is crucial to ensure that you are working with real experts.

Basic enquiries to be made

•    Ask for how long the agency has been doing business. Surrogacy is really a sensitive and complex matter. So experience matters a lot.

•    Find out who is suggested by your ripeness specialist. It may happen that your chosen office is not in the suggested list. You can make online researches and get in touch with the experts and lawyers to extract information on the agency. Have a look at the upward audit over the internet. The ones who are there in the field of surrogacy must be contacted.

•    What kind of tests and medical checkups a surrogate mom has to undergo? In the event that the prospective surrogate mom does not pass the restorative screening, learn about the arrangements that can be made at the later stage. Since each and every organization or agency has its own strategies, you need to know about them.

•    How often the surrogate agency lists a new surrogate or egg contributor?

•    Can you attain the case history of the past intending couples? There must be devoted caseworkers working for the agency.

•    What is the mode of contacting the surrogate agency? It is important to make sure that the surrogate mother, the intending couple or even the workers are able to contact the office all 24 hours.

•    Are you allowed to choose your egg contributor or the intending couple? There are surrogate moms who agree to be surrogate mom only after reading the emotional stories of couples trying to conceive. Some folks want to have an association with the egg benefactor.

Other factors to consider

It is very important for a surrogate mom and the intending couple to interview the agency. When you approach the agency, ask the following questions:

•    What is the qualification of the director of the agency?
•    Do you have attorneys tied to your organization?
•    Are there sufficient infertility specialists?
•    What is the success rate?
•    How many failures in surrogacy occurred in the past?
•    Can you give me the contact details of the intending couples who had successful surrogacy?

Choosing a surrogate agency simply on the basis of location is foolishness. You need to consider the success rate and get to know more about it. Thoroughly check out the track record of the agency.

How artificial wombs can be beneficial for premature babies?

How artificial wombs can be beneficial for premature babies?

Artificial wombs as tested on animals like lambs, goats produced encouraging results and showed that premature babies can have survival chances and reduce complications and odds. Every year around 15 millions babies born are actually premature and this leads to a lot of complications. Among so many premature babies, those who manage to survive are at the risk of suffering lifelong medical complications. Just to care for the early arrivals, Children Hospital of Philadelphia has come up with artificial uterus to recreate the conditions needed for the proper development of the premature babies. Tests on animals have been encouraging as the premature lambs grew normally once they spent 4 weeks in the artificial uterus.

Facts on premature babies and the use of artificial womb

A healthy human baby normally takes 40 weeks to grow but if a baby is born in 37 weeks, the baby will be considered premature. The earlier the baby arrives, more will be the chance of complications and odds. If born between 22-24weeks, there will not be any chance of survival. Any baby born earlier will have less chance of survival and even if the baby survives, the baby will have lifelong disability in the form of cerebral palsy, organ problems and learning difficulty. Such premature infants require a bridge between the natural womb of the mother and the world outside. An artificial womb is actually uterine system which supports the growth and development of the premature baby. An artificial uterus assists in organ maturation for some weeks to improve the outcome while allowing the baby to grow naturally. So, the premature baby lives just like other babies who are not premature.

CHOP’s artificial uterus design and importance

CHOP designed an artificial uterus to carry the infants all through the gestational age of 23 weeks-28 weeks. You may say that the stage of development is still premature but the fetus has already crossed the safety threshold to avoid complications and debilitating consequences. This is the device which is revolutionary enough to maintain a constant temperature, constant light and pressure while protecting the baby from infection. The artificial amniotic fluid flows in and out while the baby is incased in the bag like artificial womb. As the lungs of the baby are not developed by that time, there is no external pump present. It is the heart of the baby which performs its job of pumping the blood through umbilical cord to an external oxygenator. This is a low-resistance oxygenator which eliminates wastes and supplies fresh oxygen. It is the exact role performed by the placenta of the mother. The blood flow and vital signs are monitored closely here. The entire system was tested on lambs where 8 premature lambs were placed in the artificial wombs for 28 days. These lambs were just like human infants from physiological perspective. Later on they started to grow normally and had a normal brain functioning.

The system of artificial womb is far more superior to what the doctors in the hospitals can do to save the premature babies. It indeed establishes a new standard of care to safeguard the premature babies.

Get a surrogate mother from your family

Get a surrogate mother from your family

There are various ways of finding a surrogate mother. At times, you may ask your relatives or friends to become a surrogate for your baby. A family member can become the surrogate. A lot many controversies surround when you plan to have a baby through surrogacy. As the surrogacy law varies from state to state, the legal process gets more difficult to handle. But, surrogacy is the only option for couples faced with fertility issues. Among all the types of surrogacy, in-vitro surrogacy or gestational surrogacy is most popular. Here the egg is gathered from the mother and then fertilized with the sperm of the father and placed in the uterus of the mother. The mother has no genetic ties with the child in this case. If you do not wish to adopt a child, surrogacy is the only parenthood option you are left with.

Who can be the surrogate mother?

Anyone who is physically and mentally sound can become the substitute mother of your child. Although there are several ways of finding such a mother, the best way is to choose someone from your family. Owing to the complex legal issues, the expensive rates of surrogacy, you must definitely prefer someone known. Any family member who is tried and tested and has a good relationship with you can become the mother. This option is healthier. Even the American Societies for Reproductive Medicine acknowledges family ties and considers them acceptable for surrogacy. If a family member has delivered babies in the past and bears a sound health, she can be considered for surrogacy.

Making surrogacy affordable

Finding a surrogate mother is not that easy both financially and emotionally. A typical infertile couple spends countless amount of money to undergo a series of infertility treatment but to no avail. Surrogacy is the sure shot treatment for infertility but it is too much expensive. When you talk about the typical gestational surrogacy, the cost may exceed $60000. This is the standard charge of surrogacy, which does not include surrogate compensation cost, medication fees, clinic fees, attorney fees, travel expenses and the cost of maternity care. One needs to bear bulk expenses if going for surrogacy. So, we may say that surrogacy is out of reach for many couples. To trim the fees relating to surrogacy, choose the mother from your own family as you need not bear much of legal fees.

Should you choose a family member as surrogate?

Yes, you should choose a family member as a surrogate for your baby. The journey will be smoother in that case, but you still need to consider the contract. In the contract, you need to mention if you can compensate your family member for being the surrogate along with the facts on who will bear the expenses. If it is the family member, you may directly and honestly communicate with the person and constantly stay in touch with her.

Although there are many benefits of choosing a surrogate from the family, there can be family disputes as well. You need to know that the dynamics can change after a while. Till you are sure about the person, you cannot just choose anyone.

Factors to consider before being a surrogate mother

Factors to consider before being a surrogate mother

Looking to become a gestational surrogate mother? You have to undergo numerous procedures in that case. It is not easy to be a surrogate mom as it seems to be. There are some factors you need to consider or you need to answer certain questions to determine if you are a suitable candidate or not. Let us check out a few factors below.

The age limit criteria

Anyone who is between the age of 21 and 38 years qualify for gestational surrogate mom. For becoming a surrogate mother, you need to consider the age. It is important not to be very young or too old. If the age is appropriate, it will reduce the chance of high-risk gestations. Your health and well-being should be ensured and kept intact.

Do you have a child of your own?

This is again important criteria. If you have given birth to the child of your own, then you are a healthy candidate for gestational surrogacy. The one who has given birth to a child, and is looking after it, shows that the person is physically, mentally and emotionally sound. This assures that you are capable of delivering a healthy baby.

Was your previous pregnancy complication free?

You need to consider if your previous gestation was complication free or not. Safety is the chief priority and so the would-be-mom must not have undergone issues like pre-term labor, bleeding, hypertension, gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia situation.

Are you addicted to anything illegal?

A gestational surrogate mother should not be addicted to smoking or alcohol. If you smoke, you are not suitable for surrogacy. There can be various complications during the birth of the child.

Is your home environment clean?

Your home environment must be clean and stable. As the surrogate mom, your home must be free of individuals who like smoking and you should live in a smoke-free environment. Second hand smoking is indeed more harmful when compared to first-hand. Your home must be smoke free practically.

Do you have a reliable means of transportation?

It is important for a surrogate mom to have an efficient mode of transportation. A reliable means of transportation can ensure that you do not face any difficulty in traveling. With the mode of transport, you can move to your office or workplace easily. Regular health checkups will not be difficult for you.

Are you getting the federal financial support?

As a surrogate mom, you must be the part of a welfare program and should be getting federal financial support. You must not be living off the welfare at any cost.

A complete background check

You have to undergo a complete background check before the start of the procedure. In fact, the background check will protect you and offer a complete peace of mind to the intending parents and you. It is also important to undergo medical examination to ensure that you are disease free.

Surrogacy is not actually meant for all. The entire process is life changing and only if you can ensure the above factors, you must move ahead.