Tips to become a surrogate mother

Tips to become a surrogate mother

Did you hear a heartrending story of infertility and want to help your friend? Well, each woman who wishes to become a surrogate mother has her own unique story and reason that compels her to become one. You need a generous heart to become a substitute mother. There are emotional, physical and legal issues involved in surrogacy. It is important to look for a good attorney as the law of surrogacy differs. Let us check out the tips to becoming a substitute mother.

Find out your suitability

To be able to become a mother, you need to find your suitability first. Are you physically and mentally fit to become a mother? Women between 21 and 45 are good candidates for surrogacy. If you had a previous pregnancy without any complication, then you are fit.

Preconception check up

Visit your doctor to make sure that you are fit. He will carry out physical examinations to find if you have any medical condition. If you take birth control pills, get to know from the doctor for how long you need to stop it prior to getting pregnant. Get yourself vaccinated for certain diseases. Get yourself tested for HIV.

Psychological screening is important

If you are approaching a surrogacy agency, you need to undergo psychological screening. Through this process, it will be clear if you really want to conceive or not.

The need for prenatal vitamin supplement

To provide health benefits to the unborn infant, it is crucial to intake prenatal vitamins. Before trying to conceive, you must intake folic acid supplements. It is important for the development of the fetus.

Surrogacy agreement

There are various kinds of surrogacy and thus you need to know them. Get to know the details about traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and gestational surrogate prior to proceeding.

Understand the surrogacy law of your state

Laws relating to surrogacy differ from state to state. It is more complicated in the UK and the US. If there is no federal law regarding surrogacy, you may even get jailed for entering into a surrogacy agreement. Some states will allow gestational surrogacy, but not the traditional surrogacy. Some of the state laws also require the new parents to undergo a legal adoption proceeding once the child is born. Knowing the law of your state is important.

Should you go for an agency or not?

If you select a surrogacy agency, it will choose the couple who want a child. But, if you want to help your friend or any family member, you need not approach an agency.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

If you are into any bad habits like smoking, drinking, drugs, do give up. Those who approach a surrogacy clinic, they are examined thoroughly to ensure that the mother is mentally and physically fit. You are allowed to become a surrogate mother only if you live a healthy lifestyle. Your body weight must also be ideal.

The ones who feel that being a substitute mother is rather difficult, they can discuss out the feelings with the clinic. You have to deal with extremely complex emotions during the pregnancy phase. By being careful about the above stated tips, you may fulfill the dream of becoming a substitute mother.

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