Top centers for surrogacy in USA

Top centers for surrogacy in USA

Surrogacy is a fabulous option for families looking to build families and have their own biological children if there is any reproductive problem. When we compare the success rate of surrogacy in various countries, then the USA has the maximum success rate. Childless couples, gays, lesbians must find the best center for surrogacy in the USA and then move forward. Let us check out the top centers for surrogacy that have maximum ratings and positive reviews. If you are in search for a surrogate mother, get to know about the best agencies.

Golden Surrogacy: the top surrogacy agency in the USA

Golden Surrogacy is one of the best surrogacy centers that is owned and operated by Adam and Frank Golden, the same-sex couple. As they have seen success in their own journey of surrogacy, they formed Golden Surrogacy agency which has the team of egg donors, experienced surrogates, psychologists and attorneys. The team of professionals is committed to offering trustworthy and authentic services while helping to maintain meaningful relationships. It is also accredited by Better Business Bureau and the proud member of Resolve. It has the score of 9.9 and the average surrogacy journey can cost $125,000.

Creative Family Connections

Creative Family Connections LLC is the boutique law firm situated in Washington DC and focusing on Reproduction Law. Prospective parents who are looking to build a family may get great help from the agency. Collaborative reproduction is assisted by embryo donation, gamete and gestational surrogacy. The agency will perform all the legal tasks and even match the parents with the surrogate mom. Its satisfaction score is 9.6 and the overall cost of the journey may be $134,000.

All Families Surrogacy: the leading gestational surrogacy

This is the leading gestational surrogacy agency which was founded by a gestational surrogate who was a lesbian and under the counseling of the gay surrogacy lawyer. The chief passion of the agency is to help LGBT community and assist in building families. The score is 9.5 and the cost of the surrogate journey can be $137000.

North West Surrogacy: the leading agency of the West Coast

Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC is another leading surrogate agency of the USA, founded by an attorney some 20 years back. The wait time for matching intending couples and surrogate mothers is pretty shorter here. It has the team of highly experienced and qualified medical professionals and so it is a successful clinic. It is known for helping diverse families looking to have their own children. Overall the score is 9.3 and the average cost of the journey may be $117,000.

IARC offering full service support

IARC is another top center for surrogacy in the USA which has great experience and knowledge in surrogacy. It has the track record of 1000 ovum donor births and is known for offering full service support whether it is emotional, financial, legal or medical. You may count on its transparency, education and personalized attention it allots. Well, the satisfactory score of IARC is 9.1 and the average cost of the journey is $109,000.

You may choose any of the top centers to locate a surrogate mother. It is important to choose an agency which has more than 10 reviews or so.

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