What you need to know about artificial wombs?

What you need to know about artificial wombs?

An artificial womb or artificial uterus is the kind of theoretical device which allows extracorporeal pregnancy or EUFI (extrauterine fetal incubation) by growing fetus or embryo outside the body of the female that usually carries fetus or embryo. Being the replacement organ, it has several applications. It helps male and female couples to have a fetus or develop a fetus. It can carry the fetus for pregnancy. The technology of ectogenesis has been developing since the year 2001. This technology can reduce the chance of stillbirth and allows a close monitoring of the babies. According to other critics, artificial wombs can remove the bonding between the mother and the child.

Artificial wombs are artificial uterus

An artificial womb is the artificial uterus supplying oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. In an artificial womb, there is also the need for customized amniotic fluid sacs in order to eliminate the waste. These amniotic fluid sacs are generally attached to the placenta machine where cables tend to monitor everything right from the weight of the baby to the heart rate. If the uterus of the woman is damaged, she can use an artificial womb. This technological advancement may help you to avoid surrogacy and the complicacies attached to it. Both gay and straight couples may use artificial wombs. On the other hand, such wombs can reduce the number of birth-related-deaths of mothers. This can also increase the duration of fertile years for a woman and indeed drugs may be more easily administered when the fetus is ill.

The origin of ectogenesis

Ectogenesis is the term which is coined in the year 1924 by J.B.S Haldane. People started thinking about the impact of science on our culture and civilization. Ectogenesis is the pregnancy occurring in an artificial environment. The very development of ectogenesis and artificial uteri raises legal considerations and bioethical considerations. It has implication for the abortion debate and reproductive rights. The artificial uteri can expand the very range of the fetal viability and this further raises questions about the role that the fetal viability plays in the realm of abortion law.

Artificial wombs and ectogenesis played crucial role in fictions

Artificial womb has played an important role in science fiction as well. Indeed, ‘Daedalus; Science and the Future’ proposed the idea of ectogenesis for the very first time. Then, Aldous Huxley in ‘Brave New World’, talks about ectogenesis. In the famous novel, ‘Brave New World, Huxley talks about children being grown inside the artificial uterus. Apart from this, in ‘Star Wars’ also we have the discussions about artificial uterus.

Artificial wombs to avoid surrogates

Artificial uterus has great implications for the women who are heterosexuals. There are many who wish to forego pregnancy and do not wish to use their own uterus. Instead of surrogacy, they can opt for artificial womb.

There are many other things to be known about artificial uterus. However, there is a theoretical concern that the kids raised from artificial uterus may lack the bonding they should share with moms.

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