When should you opt for surrogacy?

When should you opt for surrogacy?

Surrogate motherhood is also called substitute mother and can be categorized as gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. Due to an increase in the infertility rate and the soaring population of gay, lesbians, transgender and bisexual, more and more individuals are looking forward to surrogacy. Surrogacy is the best option for the couples who cannot conceive. There can be ovulation disorder and infertility and so couples need to look for a substitute mom to bear the offspring. There are various conditions when a couple can choose a surrogate mother to bear the child.

Infertility is the greatest reason

Do you wish to fulfill your dream of parenthood? Infertility may be stopping you from accomplishing your dreams. Women suffering from infertility cannot conceive. This infertility may be the result of any medical condition to make conceiving risky. Certain medical conditions can lead to high blood pressure, liver infirmities and disease in the child’s heart. Surrogacy is the only way to experience the bliss of parenthood.

Surrogacy for single parent

If you are a single parent looking to fulfill your dream of parenthood, surrogacy is for you. You will have your own biological child to live for.

Other factors when surrogacy is suitable

There may be several other factors when surrogacy is just right for you. It may happen that the female is too busy in building her own career and cannot manage time for conception. The nine months of pregnancy can risk the job and so women do consider surrogacy in the current times. Apart from this, there can be other factors like pelvic disorder, repeated miscarriages, impaired uterus and hysterectomy, which may make it impossible to deliver successfully. A complete absence of the uterus is also a reason to consider surrogacy.

When to choose surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a renowned infertility treatment which allows an infertile couple to have one’s own kids. Some women who fail to conceive look for a surrogate mother. Following are the reasons:

•    If there has been instances of failed IVF treatments
•    Recurring miscarriages
•    A complete absence or the malformation of uterus
•    Failure of embryo implantation treatment
•    Any dangerous heart ailment, high blood pressure, liver disease or uncontrollable diabetes that can risk the health of the baby
•    Pelvic disorder or hysterectomy
•    Impaired womb

The above conditions are such that it is not possible for the woman to conceive. But, still, you may have your own biological child through surrogacy.

The lower cost of traditional surrogacy

As already stated, there are two kinds of surrogacy. It is always better to choose gestational surrogacy as the mother will not have much bonding with the child. But, gestational surrogacy is expensive and so couples choose traditional surrogacy. In the traditional surrogacy, no donation fee is involved. In case, the insemination does not work, it might be tried out within the duration of a few weeks.

There are women who can produce healthy eggs but cannot deliver due to a variety of reasons. They can choose gestational surrogacy. Although from a financial standpoint the traditional surrogacy makes sense, still you should opt for gestational surrogacy.

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