Who can be a surrogate mother?

Who can be a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother is the one who carries the fetus for some other person dealing with infertility. After the infant is born, the mother hands over the child to the intended parents or the couple who cannot conceive. If you wish to become such mother, you need to know whether you are fit for surrogacy or not. Let us check out the key prerequisites for becoming one.

Criteria for being a surrogate mother

As an applicant for surrogacy, you must fulfill the following conditions:

•    You should have conceived in the past and successfully delivered your own baby

•    You must be in between 21 to 41 years of age

•    Not involved in the government aided programs such as welfare, cash assistance, public housing, etc. The various forms of assistance have to be covered or dealt with case-by-case.

•    Having the body mass index not exceeding 33. But, in some cases, the BMI of 34-35 is also accepted.

•    If you are considering surrogacy in the USA, you must reside in a surrogacy friendly state

•    The mother must have support from friends and family

•    You must not be addicted to alcohol, cigarette, drugs.

•    Even the woman with contraceptive implants, IUDs or those who have Depo Provera shot may become substitute mother. But, the IUD must be removed prior to the transfer.

Surrogate motherhood and sexually transmitted diseases

There are some STDs that will disqualify you when it comes to surrogacy. If you have Hepatitis or HIV, you are disqualified. But, if you have genital herpes or genital warts, you qualify for surrogacy. On the other hand, if you are already carrying a baby and wish to become a surrogate mother of the baby, you still do not qualify. This is so because the intended parents contribute their genetic material and only then the child is conceived.

Qualities required for being a surrogate

Surrogacy is a huge responsibility and when you agree to become such a mother, you are willing to give your energy, effort, time and body. Your very decision to help an unfortunate couple must be attested to your own sense of dignity, compassion, generosity and deep level of understanding. The entire journey of surrogacy might seem difficult but the end result is extremely rewarding. The chief qualities one must have are commitment and compassion. Apart from this, the health condition, both physical and mental state of the mother and the infant, is of prime concern. Different clinics set different criteria for substitute mothers. But the basics remain the same like the age, the BMI, the health condition and the general habitat. You must be a non-smoker residing in the non-smoking home. Stress and other complications must be kept at the bay. One needs to be financially sound as that can be the leading cause of stress.

As a substitute mother, you need to have a past experience of bearing children. The one who showed upstanding and highly responsible behavior in the past while raising children is eligible for being a substitute mother. If you are ready to enter surrogacy, choose an agency to start your journey.

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