Why it is good to be a surrogate mother?

Why it is good to be a surrogate mother?

A lot of controversy surrounds surrogacy. There are people who think that surrogacy is beneficial while others feel that it is not good. Well, entering surrogacy is totally reliant on the personal style, choice and preference of the mother. If you wish to become a surrogate mother, you need to be aware of the benefits. Surrogacy is a great option for the couples struggling with infertility. Surrogacy is basically of two types, namely, traditional and gestational. In the former, the infant is linked to the mother biologically while in the latter the infant is not related genetically to the mom. It is really good to be a surrogate mom due to a variety of reasons.

Personal satisfaction and happiness

If you are considering surrogacy, then helping others in problem is a real motivator. For many couples, infertility is devastating. To realize the dreams of parenthood, many couples need outside assistance. Indeed, they prefer surrogacy above adoption. When it comes to surrogacy, you have a chance to select the intending parents. So, you may choose parents who share the same kind of outlook that you share. You will get a strong sense of satisfaction when you help other couple. You will feel as if you are making a dramatic impact on the lives of others.

Emotional connection with the intending parents

There is a great sense of respect for surrogate moms in the society. If you plan to help a couple caught in dilemma, you will form an emotional bonding with the intending parents. They will have high regards for you. The relationship you share with the struggling couple will be enduring and strong. It is great to know that some of the couples are so understanding that they allow the surrogate mom to spend time with the infant whenever she feels like. In this way, the mom can forge lifetime relation with the parents and the child. The intending parents will have gratitude for you when you give them their life’s greatest gift.

Comprehensive health care without any expense

The time during pregnancy, before and after pregnancy will offer you a comprehensive healthcare without any need to incur expenses. If in the past you have struggled to offer yourself healthcare, surrogacy is the phase when you will be looked after to the fullest. To verify whether you are fit for surrogacy, you need to undergo several tests. Just before vitro fertilization, one needs to undergo a screening process encompassing blood tests, cervical cultures and hysteroscopy.

The financial support

A surrogate mother is compensated well for carrying the baby for someone else. The mother gets significant financial support and assistance from the agency and the intending parents. The parents pay the surrogate mom for pregnancy and delivery. But, the amount she gets is reliant on the place or state she resides in. If you proceed through an agency, you might get $50000-$60000.

Price is the main benefit of considering surrogacy. If it is a gestational surrogacy, the mother gets compensated for the pains she has to bear. But, the intending parents need to prove their inadequacy at conceiving.

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